zGIF template tutorial

Use the buttons below to skip around to several body parts

Use these GIF images as a guide for your practice.

A color-coded go-back button returning to the beginning of the “move”

This button is always the quickest way to skip to the next array.

Click a buttonto see morein each position

The power ofimaginationmakes us infinite




The power ofintentionmakes it work.

double arrows on the right take you to the next page

double arrows on the left take you backward

Coming soon!

Bold Text groups “moves” together by a nickname that makes it easier to remember what to do.

regular size text to help guide your intentions

We are looking forward to providing all of the text. If you have some ideas, please send them along.

if you see anything that needs attention, please send a screenshot with the URL in it.

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Multiple Choice

Posture, Breath and more about “how to do” coming soon.


Refer to the blue section on how to compose your body during the movements to achieve optimum results.

Breath Technique

refer to this section for instructions on how to breathe

How to do

This section contains step-by-step instructions on what to do.