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Anita F.

As a dancer I wanted to improve my flexibility and widen my range of motion; focusing on high kicks, splits, etc, but also improve general posture and body strength. I heard about Reinhold, Thai Massage from my Yoga instructor, and since then have been working with him for weekly sessions. I can see enormous improvement. I find it truly amazing how the human body can be ‘talked into’, ‘steered’ into certain movements by the right kind of touch. I feel much stronger and find it remarkable that it all happens just by me actively doing nothing except letting my body relax under experienced hands.

Brooklyn D.

Highly recommend! if you’ve never had one google it. The therapists are very professional and knowledgeable. Excellent!


It’s a very relaxing experience when done by a talented and well-trained professional who knows Thai massage techniques. I can see from my years of yoga experience that Reinhold has a lot of training as a massage therapist, in addition to time spent in Thailand learning the detailed techniques of Thai massage.
I wanted to have a plan in place to work out some of the “travel aches” after flying to NY for a short visit. Reinhold can meet you at your hotel (which is what I did) or you can go to his office. The massage itself was extraordinary. He set up the massage area in the hotel room (a talent in and of itself, given the small size of the room!), and then we talked a bit about my previous massage experiences and the aches and pains I was having. Thai massage is not always easy – the therapist’s job is to help your body stretch thoroughly, and that requires some work, and may result in some soreness afterward, especially if your muscles and joints are very tight beforehand. He is not only really knowledgeable and talented, but he also is just an amazingly kind and open-hearted person. I felt very lucky to have the chance to meet him. If I lived in NYC, I would make massage sessions with Reinhold a regular occurrence.

Judi R.

Thai massage is the best of all therapies I have tried in my life. And Reinhold is a magical therapist. Sometimes I feel like he is dancing with my passive body in his hands. Sometimes I feel like I am being stretched on a rack. Sometimes I feel like his movement is enabling every muscle in my body to relax. It is 90 minutes of mind-blowing bodywork, consisting of massage and yoga together.

Durham N.

If you are not familiar with Thai massage, the main thing to know is that it’s not like a “regular” Swedish massage that happens on a massage table. Instead, you remain fully clothed (T-shirt and sweatpants or other soft clothes), and the therapist works on the floor, where he stretches your body, moving your muscles and joints into all sorts of yoga positions that help the muscle tissues stretch and release tension and stiffness from your joints. It certainly helped relieve all kinds of aches and pains that I didn’t even know I had. I also left there feeling uplifted and lighthearted as well.

Fiona T.

I loved the service! The massage was unique for me and I would do it again. Reminded me of yoga. I placed all my trust in Reinhold and it was worth it. He has powerful but gentle techniques. When I left, I felt as though I was crackling with energy, and as calm as a pool of water. I will visit again, and you should too.
David b.
“do your body a favor”
As a bodywork specialist, a Yoga instructor since 1980, and someone who has experienced Thai massage in Thailand for over nine years, I can say with authority that the Thai Massage experience I had with Reinhold during my vacation in NYC was first-rate and one of the best I’ve had outside Thailand. I had only budgeted for one massage but after that initial experience, I knew I had to book another session before I left NY so I canceled the Broadway show I was planning to see and treated myself once more. Now days later after my return home to the Turks & Caicos Islands, I’m still feeling the wonderful effects of his treatments. Do yourself and your body a favor, If you’re in NYC, book a session with Reinhold at Thai Massage-NYC, I highly recommend it.
Brian b.
“Best massage I’ve received in 20 years”
I received an incredibly healing and life-changing massage from Reinhold. I was carrying an incredible amount of muscular tension in my body which my yoga practice couldn’t get to and I left our session feeling like I was in a whole new body. Reinhold sat with me before the session started and listened attentively to what was going on with my body and then addressed each of the issues I’d outlined one by one. He is a gifted healer and works out of a very cool space in Union Square. Best massage I’ve received in 20 years of weekly massages in NYC. I’ll be seeing him regularly and I’m also interested in booking a classwith a friend to learn some of his massage techniques. If you’ve got something going on in your body, this guy can help! Thanks again, Reinhold. Truly a blessing. ;).
Vanessa D.
“he knows what the body needs”
I had the luxury of going to get a Thai massage with Reinhold today. I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort of the mat, the cool decor, and the amazing playlist. Beyond that, his technique and skills are very impressive. He took care to do a thorough intake with me to find out if I had any goals for the session and if I had any injuries, etc.–that’s the difference you get with an educated practitioner–they don’t just do what they want to do without input from you. I love the fact that I can be stretched in so many efficient and helpful ways. There’s a sense that he knows what the body needs and doesn’t push the stretches beyond a therapeutic threshold. I felt completely relaxed and happy upon leaving. I need to do this more often, as I think it’s a perfect complement to my yoga regime because it gets me into stretches I can’t do on my own. Everyone needs this!


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