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Justin I.
“So much tension left my body”

Did not know what I was expecting going into the Thai massage. It was my first time. I forgot to wear loose comfortable clothes but my instructor had something clean and comfortable for me to change into. This was a life-changing experience. I’ve never stretched or breathed more deeply in my life. I’ve also never had my abs properly stretched and massaged. So much tension left my body I felt like crying but actually, it manifested itself in laughter that I skipped through my body with all my attention. After the massage and deep stretch session, I felt about 5 pounds lighter and 3 inches taller. It took my pain away and set me up for deep stretching before my next week’s workout. It was truly an out-of-body experience and I would recommend it to everyone. Once you get a Thai massage from Eric Reinhold you won’t go back to a regular massage ever again. Highly recommend. You’re in for a treat and a life-changing experience.

Rachel D.
“Great and fun teacher too”

Reinhold is a natural and a master! Highly skilled, strong, and kind. Moves you into different stretches seamlessly and with grace. Great and fun teacher too, in case you’re interested in learning Thai massage. I looked forward to his lessons, with creative descriptions and explanations that enhanced my ability to learn and remember the techniques. I recommend him highly.

Jennifer W.
“it helped me feel reconnected”

I had never had a Thai massage before and wanted to try something new. I rarely get a massage; when I do I try to select a really knowledgeable practitioner. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Reinhold made me feel completely comfortable. I was hoping for a powerful massage to help me let go of stress, and provide a bit of a detox from a long winter. Well, It was INTENSE, but it helped me feel reconnected and improved my circulation greatly.
I had a nice surge of energy afterward, and throughout the next day, My limbs which had been feeling heavy were back to normal. I had a general feeling of happiness. During the massage, he was incredibly aware of how far he could stretch without too much pain. It was amazing to me how he could know. He also gave me some helpful suggestions, and simple things I can do on my own for balancing my alignment. Reinhold is an extremely talented, caring massage therapist.
You will be able to tell that he really loves what he does, and so he does it really well. I wish everyone would give themselves the gift of going to him. It was truly amazing for me.

Mercedes V.
“Herbal compresses are amazing”

His intuitive, healing and calming aura immediately melts away the stress. It’s amazing how energized, balanced and loose I feel which comes as a great benefit after our sessions. Herbal compresses are amazing, as well as his playlists. Highly recommend!

Jeff C.
“Pure satisfaction.”

I booked a 90-minute session, and I would HIGHLY recommend doing that – it gives Reinhold enough time to really help you stretch out thoroughly and really let your muscles and joints release the tension they may be trying to hold onto. I know he has several clients whom he massages weekly, going to their homes and doing the work. I would love the chance to work with him on that kind of regular basis! For now, though, I will happily content myself with a massage session every time I visit the city! Pure satisfaction. I’ll be back.

Christopher B.
“he understood this”

Reinhold was very calm and knowledgeable, and he clearly was able to tell the difference between my muscles’ resisting a stretch at first (and thus he just gently helped me “push through” that resistance) versus my experiencing a painful sensation that wasn’t quite right (in which case he stopped immediately and switched to a different stretch). Because it was so clear that he understood this so well, I trusted him as much in this first session as I trust my regular (non-Thai) massage therapist, whom I’ve been seeing for years.

Angela P.
“never the same twice”

This Thai massage Helped tremendously with the tightness and soreness in my neck. By the end of the session, I could flex and move with ease. The sequence and approach are never the same twice. Reinhold responds to the body’s pain points. Highly recommend. You will not be disappointed.


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