Thom LMT

Thom LMT

Experience, Knowledge, Balance.

Thom LMT Experience, Knowledge, Balance.

Thai Massage

is how we implement our intentions.

My interest in massage therapy goes back to the 1980s. After a bad automobile accident added up to chronic back pain. My first massage experiences were fairly simple treatments from practitioners who were working in conjunction with the chiropractors that I was often visiting for pain relief. As time went on, I began to realize that the massages tended to be more memorable than the chiropractic work, and every time I would try these things on my friends the work was punctuated by enthusiastic comments including how I should pursue it professionally.


Thom Paul taught me how to be an effective teacher.

His mentorship is one of the most valuable things that I have earned since coming to New York.


talk about your theories regarding why massage works
It works because it feels good.


Practicing and teaching since 2004, Therapeutic Massage runs in Thom’s veins by now.


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Thom is available for 4-hands and couples with Reinhold

book with Reinhold well in advance to start working with
Thom now

The Journey

How this all started

Reinhold and Thom go back to 2008 when they met in the sub-basement of the Swedish Institute.

Thom Paul LMT

Thom finishes his studies for licensure at the Swedish Institute where he was first introduced to Thai Massage.

Thom Paul Instructor

Reinhold meets Thom Paul in the practice space at Swedish Institute where he was supervising the students who stayed after class to practice the lessons with classmates.
The connection was formed when Thom began to teach Reinhold how he could improve the body mechanics of a seriously overweight trucker.
Every time Thom interceded, the work became easier to do and more beneficial for the one who was receiving it.

Thom Paul Body

After Reinhold had been practicing Thai Massage for a while, he had a client who asked him to teach her how to do it. Since the client was a fellow Licensed Massage therapist, Reinhold pursued the lessons earnestly and created a lesson plan based on his studies in Thailand. He also provided a volunteer body for the lessons so that his student could always have a chance to watch, which is a very important aspect, separate from the vantage point of receiving. After a very short period of time reaching out to “the list” every time we needed a body, Thom Paul had already said, “Could you please give me the first shot at these opportunities from here on out?”
After the student left, Thom and I would always recap the entire event, discussing what all of the day’s moves were good for.

Thom Paul Mentor

When my student was finished with her program, Thom and I began exchanging massages on a weekly basis. I would give Thai Massage on the floor, then we would set up a table and Thom would return the effort with his Myofascial Release methods.

Thom Paul Partner

About 4-hands and couples

Want do Thai Massage with us?

It’s time to take this to the next level. The goal is to build a team of Thai Massage therapists to work under the ThaiMassage-NYC brand. If Thai Massage is your thing and you want to work with clients, reach out to me on the contact form so we can talk about how we can work together to make this happen.

Partner Program

If you have already started your Thai Massage journey but you feel that you are not quite ready, you can also consider our Partner Program. This program is a great way to add to your practice and work toward joining our staff at ThaiMassage-NYC

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