Mutsumi LMT

Mutsumi LMT

Intuitive, Confident, Generous.

Mutsumi LMT.
Intuitive, Confident, Generous.

Thai Massage

Highly trained bilingual licensed massage therapist with a gentle touch and deep understanding of the body.

Mutsumi is an enthusiastic and dedicated practitioner looking to use her expertise to provide relief and relaxation that will enhance stress reduction and increase wellness.

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Mutsumi possesses a nurturing and empathetic approach while she tailors each session to meet the individual needs of those seeking relaxation and relief from tension and discomfort.


Graduate of the
Swedish Institute
College of Health Sciences

Associate of Occupational Studies in Massage 2019.


a compassionate massage therapist known for her generous spirit in providing a healing touch to her clients.

The Journey

How it started


signed up for a Thai Massage Sen Series at CATA. Her attention to all the little details she included in her practice when it was her turn to give the massage to her partner was immediately evident.
Nov, 2023


It wasn’t until the second lesson that I realized more fully the impact a small person could have as I paired up with her for practice in the class. She has an amazing sense of how to deeply affect a large person without straining, by using her entire body to move me around. Her generosity also extends to her colleagues, as she willingly shares her intuitive techniques to help them improve their own practice.
Nov, 2023

Moving right along…

After the series was over, all of us had enjoyed working with Mutsumi so much that I gave her a job offer on the spot, and she completed the entire ThaiMassage-NYC training program within weeks.
We are grateful to have her on our team.
Her availability is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 3 pm and Sunday, including evenings, if you book in advance.
Jan, 2024