Michael LMT

Michael LMT

Therapist, Teacher, Mentor

Michael LMT. Therapist, Teacher, Mentor.

Thai Massage

is a modality that allows me to bring together all that I have learned in every other.

Michael Alicia, LMT, is the Founder and Director of CATA, NYC. Center for the Advancement of Therapeutic Arts offers continuing education workshops and in-depth programs for therapeutic bodywork professionals. His therapeutic sessions may include various forms of massage, including Swedish, medical, oncology, shiatsu, and Thai, while also including rehabilitative stretching and strengthening exercises.

Michael had been a teacher of Swedish, shiatsu, and Thai massage at the venerable Swedish Institute since 1994 up until his recent retirement. He is the author of The Massage Therapist’s Handbook and The Stretching Process DVD and Workshop.


Therapist, Teacher, Mentor



licensed massage therapist since 1992, primarily working with oncology patients for symptom relief and specializing in dancers and athletes for acute injury, chronic pain, and performance enhancement.


While at the Swedish Institute in 2007, Reinhold first knew Michael as an articulate and graceful teacher who could jump into the middle of a semester as a fluent substitute for any teacher in just about every modality.


Nowadays, due to practicing together and refining our program at CATA since 2014 and becoming old friends in the process, Reinhold thinks of Michael as a very resourceful confidant/tutor along his therapeutic massage journey.

The Journey

How this all started

In 2014, Reinhold reached out to Michael for advice on how to provide NCBTMB-approved continuing education credits for students.


They spoke on the phone about their passion for Thai massage on the floor and how it was becoming easier and easier to me to work that way and less and less interesting to work on a table. Reinhold didn’t know that the first conversation they had was a first interview.

Thai for the chair

Michael had always wanted to create a program at CATA for students to learn Thai massage but he already had so many projects, so he proposed that we collaborate. Reinhold had been refining his Thai massage techniques every day at the NY Health and Racquet Club, doing demos in the lobby with a massage chair, so Michael suggested that he bring them to the students he was mentoring back in the days when his organization was called “Massage Space”.

Thai Massage Program Director

Michael was impressed with Reinhold’s ability to translate floor massage into a 15-minute demo massage in a chair. He also enjoyed his ability to articulate the body mechanics and proper intentions one might have to be more effective. But what he respected the most was the fact that beginning in 2008, I have dedicated my massage practice to this singular modality. After a few groups had gone through the initial lesson plans at Massage Space, Michael decided to offer a position to Reinhold and expand his organization during the move to the present location on 26th st.

Teaching Thai Massage with Michael since 2014

As a graduate of the Swedish Institute and has completed many additional courses of study in Thailand and continually in the US, I feel extremely well equipped and excited at the prospect of working with massage students or anyone else who has a passion for learning. Thai massage is all I want to do, and it is about the only thing other than guitar building that I am really qualified to teach.

Working together

Since 2014, Michael and I have grown close as colleagues and friends. We are always learning more from one another. In recent years, Michael has set aside our classtimes at CATA to participate each week. He is the lead Thai Massage teacher for Table Thai, and we co-teach our Practicum programs, which makes it a strong presentation for students. Out of that, we have become quite familiar with the ways that the other one moves through the phrases that make up a sequence. At one point, we began collaborating on 4-hands Thai sessions, celebrating the added value for the client when two souls work together for the benefit of one person receiving. Pairing up with Michael for these sessions has always been at the height of my personal involvement when it comes to how deeply the session has its impact within such short periods of time. It’s more like you had three massages rather than one plus one equals two.
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