Marina LMT

Marina LMT

Kindness, Compassion, Friendliness.

Marina LMT.
Kindness, Compassion, Friendly.

Massage Therapist/Esthetician/Reiki Master

A Thai Massage allows me to use my whole body to do the work.

Marina is a gifted practitioner with a passion for Thai Massage. Friendly and knowledgeable MT, esthetician, and yoga teacher with a good background in serving customer needs and educating about long-term care strategies. Driven to help clients through the healing benefits of massage.

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Marina is a skilled bodywork technician who combines experience in client relationship building with extensive training to ensure satisfaction and wellness.


Her compassionate nature shines through in every interaction, making her clients feel valued and cared for.


She takes the time to listen to her client’s concerns and tailors each session to their specific needs.

The Journey

How it started

Aug. 2003

Cosmetology Academy 08/2003 
Cosmetologist,  Russia
Skilled at anticipating client needs and creating welcoming environments.
Knowledgeable about blackhead extractions.
August 2023

Jan. 2020

Natural Biolifting Academy, 01/2020
Biolifting Expert,  Italy
Experienced in biolifting
Jan. 2020

May. 2023

The City University of New York, Queensborough
Associate of Art Massage Therapy, New York, N.Y
After taking a Thai class in a massage school and receiving massages there, she decided to focus on this modality in her therapy practice.
May. 2023

Hired Oct. 2023

Marina’s Thai massage practice has grown a lot since she began to do it regularly, so we decided to bring her on board in late 2023 and are grateful to have her on our team.
Her availability is on Tuesday and Wednesday until 1 pm and Sunday, including evenings, if you book in advance.
Oct. 2023