Lorraine LMT

Lorraine LMT

Experienced, Confident, Mindful.

Lorraine LMT.
Thoughtful, Sensitive, Mindful.

Thai Massage

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Prior to her 12 years of experience in massage therapy, Lorraine worked in publishing and publicity corporate environments.

Her sensitivity enables her to create a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring that her clients feel relaxed and at ease during their sessions.

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Lorraine is a graduate of the
Swedish Institute
College of Health Sciences

Associate of Occupational Studies in Massage 2011.


Her dedication to her craft and her genuine care for her clients make her an exceptional Thai massage therapist.


Lorraine is able to fully focus on each client, providing them with a deeply therapeutic and rejuvenating experience.

The Journey

How it started


signed up for a Thai Massage For The Chair course at CATA. We didn’t have enough students to run the course, so I reached out to her and asked her for a resume. We hit it off on the phone interview, so things moved quickly from there.
August 2023


We arranged for Lorraine to come over to give me a hands-on demonstration of her massage practice. I sensed years of experience within the first few minutes, which was immediately evident in her command of the body while working on the mats.
August 2023


Lorraine took a basic Thai Massage course several years ago and retained the essence of what she learned by incorporating this into the work in all the massage jobs she has had ever since.
After completing the first phase of our training program, we were pleased to hire her in October 2023 and are grateful to have her on our team.
Lorraine is available on Tuesday evenings and all day on Thursday (including evening time, If you book in advance).
Oct, 2023