Justine LMT

Justine LMT

Kindness, Compassion, Friendliness.

Justine LMT.
Kindness, Compassion, Friendly.

Thai Massage

allows me to use my whole body to do the work.

Justine is a gifted practitioner with a passion for Thai Massage. After visiting Thailand and receiving the massages there, she decided to focus on this modality in her therapy practice. Justine graduated from the Center for Natural Wellness School of massage therapy in Albany, NY 2016. She began her Thai Massage practice there before moving to Philadelphia, where she continued her study and worked with athletes.

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Katy is always testing her own boundaries to find the right balance between acquisition and further refinement of skills


Inspired ingenuity drawing on 10+ years of immersive study in yoga and mixed martial arts


With over a decade of thriving in the ‘Yang’ bustle of NYC, Katy is able to able to bring the ‘Yin’ energy to your sessions

The Journey

How it started

We had been running a post on LinkedIn for almost a year before Justine applied for the job. She sailed through the interviews with ease, and I will never forget the first thing she did when she gave me a massage for the hands-on evaluation part. I had made up my mind to try and hire her right there!

Justine is a light-hearted soul who is sorely missed back in Philly, but she is ready and able to help you achieve your health goals here in NYC.


Luke called me up in the midtown studio and asked for a 20 min. massage.
Feb. 2017

July 2020

When the #StayHome was lifted, ThaiMassage-NYC had lost the MidTown studio to the pandemic. Gregory asked us to bring our business down to Union Square because he had a lot of spaces to fill. we started off on the 11th floor in a tiny room inside of WellSpace.u003cbru003eOne day, when I was jamming on my computer, trying to promote the brand, Katy stopped by and introduced herself.u003cbru003eI found her very easy to talk with, smart, and knowledgeable in many ways but what I remember the most is her courage.
July 2020

Partner Program

As mentioned earlier, meeting Katy that day and getting to know the challenges of fellow therapists as we made our way through the most uncertain times of the pandemic inspired me to create a program in which participants can split the cost of an individual Thai Massage lesson and build their practice for less. Katy scheduled the program as often as we could find a partner for her.

Individual Thai Massage Lessons

Katy decided to take matters into her own hands and accelerate her learning by scheduling a multitude of one-on-one lessons with Reinhold. Regular practice and consistent exposure have really made a difference.

Hired dec. 2021

Katy’s practice has grown a lot since learning the sequence and practicing regularly so we decided to bring her on board in late 2021. Her availability is on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays if you book in advance.
Dec. 2021

Want to work with us?

It’s time to take this to the next level. The goal is to build a team of Thai Massage therapists to work under the ThaiMassage-NYC brand. If Thai Massage is your thing and you want to work with clients, reach out to me about how we can work together to make this happen.

If you have already started your Thai Massage journey but you feel that you are not quite ready, you can also consider our Partner Program. This program is a great way to add to your practice and work toward joining our staff at ThaiMassage-NYC

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