Dalya LMT

Dalya LMT

Empathetic, Dedicated, Energetic.

Dalya LMT.
Empathetic, Dedicated, Energetic.

Thai Massage

Is fascinating,

I work from a therapeutic approach- a combination of hand technique massages and stretches, always using my intuition to connect with the energy and individual needs of the recipient.

The main reason I am a massage therapist is to help others, and I have always looked beyond the ordinary to make a positive impact in the lives of people who need relief from physical and mental stress.

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Dalya is a graduate of the
Swedish Institute
College of Health Sciences

Associate of Occupational Studies in Massage 2019.


Respectful and professional with knowledge of a variety of massage techniques and experience as a caregiver.
Dalya has worked in rehabilitation clinics alongside chiropractors and physical therapists to help patients recover from accidents and different injuries.


Dalya can
Listen to clients during appointments and adjust techniques as they desire. Dalya has also worked on high-performance athletes and pregnant clients needing a therapeutic touch to calm the stress produced by anxiety and physical changes.