Should You Go For A Massage Right After Drinking? Read To Find Out.


Should You Go For A Massage Right After Drinking?

Read To Find Out. 

A long week of busy work schedules

and other commitments exhaust us, both mentally and physically. What comes to mind when you think of relaxing over the weekend in NYC? A few glasses of your favorite cocktail followed by a soothing massage may sound perfect for unwinding, but you should avoid combining the two. The next time you are looking for online massage booking in NYC after enjoying a few drinks, remember, your massage therapist would never recommend mixing booze and massage.


Why should you avoid getting a massage right after drinking?

Massage has a powerful effect on your body, and so does alcohol.  
The two do not complement each other in a healthy way.

Let’s understand the effects of both on the body.

Effects of massage:

  1. Massage induces deep relaxation, reduces the stress hormone, such as cortisol, levels, boosts happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine, and also helps lower blood pressure.
  2. Your massage therapist encourages you to stay hydrated after the massage because the body sheds excess fluids at a faster pace post a massage.
  3. Massage pushes out toxins from your muscles to the bloodstream. If you are intoxicated already, getting a massage may heighten alcohol’s negative effects.

Effects of alcohol:

  1. Alcohol has dehydrating effects. If you have ever had a hangover headache, you already know that.
  2. Excessive drinking weakens the immune system. Did you know a single binge-drinking event may limit the ability of your body to protect you from infections for the next 24 hours?
  3. When you drink, it dilates your blood vessels. So, the alcohol moves through the bloodstream, which increases the blood alcohol level.
  4. Alcohol also compromises cognitive reasoning, impairing your reflexes, hampering coordination, and limiting motor control.

Here’s what happens when the two are mixed:

  • Intensified hangover symptoms– As alcohol and massage both can induce a dehydrating effect, you feel extremely thirsty and badly hungover. But if you wake up with a bad hangover, do look for online massage booking in
    because massage can be a great hangover remedy.
  • Numbed senses– Like massage, alcohol also helps you relax, but don’t combine the deep relaxation induced by a massage with alcohol’s numbing sense. When under the influence, you won’t be in touch with your body, making it difficult for your therapist and yourself to judge the right pressure.
  1. Canceling of positive effects– While massage enhances your immune system, excessive drinking weakens it. You basically cancel out a vital health benefit of the massage.
  2. Escalated drunkenness– Massage improves circulation, and alcohol travels through the bloodstream. Alcohol will hit the bloodstream pretty quick and remain longer if you get a massage while you are drunk.

Final Note

A massage practitioner will definitely suggest you come back later if you show up visibly intoxicated. A mimosa or a glass of wine before the massage may be okay, but nothing more. Typically, you should wait for a minimum of four hours before getting a massage after alcohol consumption.

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