Tok Sen


Tok Sen

Tok Sen Therapy

Tok Sen Therapy

Use of wooden tools 

The ancient practice of Tok Sen originates in the Lanna area of Northern Thailand. 

Ask your therapist about the relevance of adding Tok Sen therapy to your Thai Massage session.

We do not charge extra for Tok Sen.

What is Tok Sen?

  The term, Tok Sen, like many Thai idioms, is derived from the sounds that are made during the event. Tok Sen makes reference to the instruments as well as the application of the massage. “Tok” refers to the sound that the mallet makes when hitting the wooden implement, and “Sen” relates to the lines in Traditional Thai medicine. Hence, the Tok Sen massage uses a wooden mallet striking a selected implement, often made of wood from the tamarind tree.

How it is done.

There are many different ways to employ the treatment and a wide array of tools. The objective is to stimulate points and lines within the body. What really makes the Tok Sen massage stand out from other massage modalities is that it combines the deep vibration produced by the wooden instruments with manual pressure and passive stretches to make the changes within the body, mind, and spirit with the intention to reinstate well-being.

How does it feel?

Tok Sen therapy helps with physical aches and pains, energy blockages, circulation, nerve problems, etc. This ancient Tok Sen Thai Therapy is an incredibly soothing massage treatment and very effective at promoting a sense of calm.


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