Thai Massage


“Nûat  Bō-Rárn”
ancient healing way

Thai Massage Service

Incredible Benefits

restore the Mind, Body and Spirit

The benefits of Thai Massage are numerous with the most predominant being the maintenance of good health and its ability to treat a wide spectrum of physical concerns in addition to its ability to calm the mind and elevate your mood.


Save Time AND Money

Your therapist is fully responsive to your individual condition.
Your therapist is experienced and licensed by the State of New York with thousands of satisfied customers standing behind the brand.

Use the studio in Union Square, or select a house call so that you may experience the relief without navigating the city.

Comprehensive assessment

Your therapist will take an inventory of your individual condition and devise a plan to address your objectives.
First, we will assess you using a questionnaire and from there create a sequence that addresses your health care goals based on a small interview. Everyone has their own temperament and physical make-up. Not everyone has the same needs. We take the time before we start to get an idea of how to approach every unique person who comes through our doors.

Tailored for you

Customized. This is not one of those”cookie cutter” sequences applied the same way to everybody. It is individualized treatment, specific to your needs.
Our approach is a way of thinking and acting that allows every individual to feel accepted, valued, and safe. An inclusive attitude that consciously evolves to meet the changing needs of our clients. Through recognition and support, our goal is to provide meaningful involvement and equal access to the benefits of bodywork. 
By working together, we strengthen our capacity to provide the foundation for a richer future for all of us.

Optional enhancements

Herbal Compress, Deep heat therapy, used in Thailand in conjunction with a traditional massage. We use the “Luk Pra Kob“ to address chronic problems such as low back pain and soreness in the knees ankles, neck, and shoulders.
The ancient practice of Tok Sen using wooden tools originates in the Lanna area of Northern Thailand. Ask your therapist about the relevance of adding Tok Sen therapy to your Thai Massage session. We do not charge extra for Tok Sen.
Ask your therapist about the relevance of adding cupping therapy to your Thai Massage session. We do not charge extra for cupping.
We also offer house calls (add-on fee) for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of Thai massage without having to navigate the city after the session.

Brandi C.

Harlem, Manhattan, NY

I’ve already recommended his services to my friends and can’t wait to return for a longer massage.

James S.

Oakland, CA

So much more helpful than traditional deep tissue.  I strongly recommend anyone with physical issues to see Reinhold.

Mindy C.

Charleston, SC

Loved the vibe, the technique, the music, and most of all the beautiful energy Reinhold radiates.


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What is Thai Massage?

restore the mind, body, and spirit.

a cross between passive stretching, acupressure, yoga, and Zen shiatsu. 
Buddhist teachings.
Thai Massage is Buddhist medicine.
Compressions, joint mobilizations, rocking, stretching, twisting, tapping, wringing, and more.

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