Every person is different.

Meeting your goals is what we intend to do together with you.

We offer various options so that you can choose the right services to address your needs.

Thai Massage
Movements, Compressions, Stretching.

Book us if you have specific issues that you would like to have addressed. Everyone receives a unique treatment, tailored to their individual condition. Harness the power we all have within us for healing. Unleash your inner potential.

Four-hands Thai
Two therapists working together for you.

The only thing better than a Thai Massage is getting two at the same time. Four Hands is not really two massages, it is two friends working together with your benefit guiding their conversation. And YOU are the conversation.

Use of suction to draw out stagnancy and heat.

Some think of this method as a reverse massage.  Instead of applying pressure, the skin and fascia is drawn up into a vacuum created inside a cup over the targeted areas.

Herbal Compress
“Luk Pra Kob” Deep Heat Application

If you are experiencing muscle pain, stiffness in the joints, limited range of motion, soreness after a workout, general discomfort
 …consider adding the herbal heat compress therapy to your session.

House Calls 
Thai Massage in your home.

Sometimes you feel like you just want to stay where you are after a relaxing session. Why not make arrangements to have Thai Massage in your home? We have experienced therapists who are able to travel to you in order to make this happen.

Tok Sen
The use of wooden tools.

Tok refers to the sound that the mallet makes when hitting the wooden implement, and “Sen” relates to the lines in Traditional Thai medicine. These tools are used together to provide relaxation.

Couples Thai
Two in the same room 

Couples massage is a unique way to spend quality time with someone special. Some consider it a must-have for anniversaries and special occasions. We have many options available for online booking.

Thai Hermit’s Yoga
“Ruesri Dat Ton” Traditional Thai self-care. 

Translating to “Hermit’s self-stretching Exercise”, this method of focused breathing and stretching was practiced by ancient Thai ascetics hundreds of years ago and continually until the present day. 

Learning Programs
Learning how to give Thai Massage is fun and easy.

We offer different programs designed for professionals, amateurs, and couples. We even have a program that you can use to join our team and render Thai Massage treatments under our brand.
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Kiki Ong
Kiki Ong
14:44 10 Aug 21
I love Thai massage, and since the body gets manipulated into various positions, its important to me to go to a practitioner that is skilled, has good energy and that I trust.... That’s why I see Reinhardt for Thai massage. He has a beautiful, kind energy and he’s able to deliver the exact pressure and level of stretch that I want. He’s extremely intuitive and his love for his work comes through in his delivery. I always leave with what feels like a new and rejuvenated body and more
Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson
11:58 30 Apr 21
I make time for a stop here when I'm in NY- Reinhold is professional, a great communicator and very good at what he does: Thai massage. No other massage compares once your body is... gently stretched into positions to relieve pain and tense muscles! And Reinhold is a master: you will be comfortable listening to music and relaxing while he takes over. Highly, highly recommend! Make time for a stop more
Brian Battjer
Brian Battjer
04:19 29 Apr 21
I received an incredibly healing and life-changing massage from Reinhold. I was carrying an incredible amount of muscular tension in my body and I left our session feeling like I... was in a whole new body. Reinhold sat with me before the session started and listened attentively to what was going on with my body and then addressed each of the issues I'd outlined one by one. He is a gifted healer and works out of a very cool space in Union Square. Best massage I've received in 20 years of weekly massages in NYC. I'll be seeing him regularly and I'm also interested in booking a class to learn some of his massage techniques with a friend. If you've got something going on in your body, this guy can help! Thanks again, Reinhold. Truly a blessing. 😉read more
Elizabeth Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilbert
23:40 22 Apr 21
What a journey that massage was! Truly EPIC. Eric: Thank you so much for the expertise and care. It was just what I needed. I’ve been longing to find a good Thai massage... practitioner in the area, but this was better than good; this was extraordinary. I’ve gotten a lot of bodywork in my life — but you are the new gold standard. I came in with stress and pain, and floated out in bliss. I’ll be back!read more
Francis Charles
Francis Charles
17:00 04 Apr 21
I am very happy to have found Reinhold. I have lower back chronic pain that he was able to address and felt so much better. He is very knowledgeable, caring, professional and you... get your money’s worth. I would see him more often if I lived in the city! I get massage on regular basis and Reinhold is really in the very top category. So looking forward to my next session.Thanks Reinhold!Francisread more
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