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Four Hands Massage

Incredible Benefits

Restore your mind, body, and spirit.

The specific benefits of four-hands Thai Massage are the same as when there is one therapist, the difference is that we can get further in less time.


Coordinating the effort between two therapists produces a more profound effect. 

Less time

If finding enough time to get a thorough treatment is an utmost concern of yours, this is a great solution.


Two therapists focused on your best interest.

Save Time

Four Hands Thai Massage
A rare service offered only by a handful of spas.

The Four Hands approach does more to help improve circulation, promote relaxation, increase awareness, vitality, creativity, and energy.

Bringing all we have.

The only thing better than a Thai Massage is getting two at the same time. Well, it’s not really two different massages, it’s two friends working together with your benefit guiding their conversation. And YOU are the conversation.
Whenever we were developing our strategies and practicing the four-hands approach among ourselves years ago we always had a strong sense of the added value of coordinating our efforts. Anyone who is a true Team Player can easily imagine how much coordination and cooperation adds to the level of production.

Maximize your benefit.

Our customer has the rare opportunity to experience the benefit of having TWO massage therapists working simultaneously to facilitate their therapeutic needs.
It is likely to assume that the beneficial results from the input of one therapist plus that of a second therapist would equal twice as much therapeutic value for the client. However, everyone on our team agrees that it is more like three times the benefit.

If you have not tried this, you have to try it.

Optional enhancements

Herbal Compress, Deep heat therapy, used in Thailand in conjunction with a traditional massage. We use the “Luk Pra Kob“ to address chronic problems such as low back pain and soreness in the knees ankles, neck, and shoulders.
The ancient practice of Tok Sen using wooden tools originates in the Lanna area of Northern Thailand. Ask your therapist about the relevance of adding Tok Sen therapy to your Thai Massage session. We do not charge extra for Tok Sen.
Ask your therapist about the relevance of adding cupping therapy to your Thai Massage session. We do not charge extra for cupping.
We also offer house calls (add-on fee) for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of Thai massage without having to navigate the city after the session.

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