Self-Care Tips For Those Drastic Life Changes


Self-Care Tips For Those Drastic Life Changes

Here is your guide. 

Whether you’re going

back to school or starting a new career, life can get a little rough sometimes. During moments of drastic life changes, it’s important to apply self-care initiatives to your lifestyle to help you focus and destress. Practicing self-care also provides a host of other benefits, such as an improved immune system, better productivity, enhanced self-knowledge, and a boost in self-esteem. 
Below are some self-care tips from Reinhold Thai Massage you can implement today for a better life, and a better you.

Control Sources of Stress 

There are many things in life you simply cannot control, but there are often things you can do to corral stress levels. One biggy is financial strain. If your budget is overwhelmed, look for solutions like cutting extraneous expenses.

Another common source of stress is work-life balance. If you’re overloading your schedule, make it a point to say “no” more often; as TeamGantt notes, there are nice ways of doing this, and it’s to everyone’s benefit if you choose your obligations well so you can give accepted responsibilities sufficient attention.  

For many people, running their own business is both a dream come true and an endless source of stress. If your business skills need a bit of sharpening, you can choose to take classes online through universities such as WGU. These programs allow you to learn the skills necessary to take your business to the next level — all while sticking to a schedule that works for you, your business, and your family.

Whatever is overwhelming you, though, is no match for the healing powers of a session at Reinhold Thai Massage. You’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience with us, because we pair our bodywork with curated music lists that relax you during your treatment and evoke a positive memory next time you hear any of the songs. We also incorporate aromatherapy into each session depending on your goal (relaxation, restoration, or detoxification, for example), with soothing scents that you’ll also have a positive response to both during and long after your visit. Book a session with us online to add this invaluable method of self-care into your wellness arsenal.


It’s no secret that exercise is beneficial for the mind, body and spirit. There are a number of online resources for both beginners and fitness veterans that can help you get back on a healthy track. You can also join a gym, go out for a walk, or follow a choreographed video routine in the comfort of your own home. During times of drastic life changes, exercise can also improve health and mood, improve sleep, and reduce the risk of heart disease. 

If you struggle with motivation, try incorporating fun ways to make working out more manageable, such as exercising with a friend, going swimming, or playing sports like volleyball or tennis.

Eat Healthily

While it may be tempting to reach for junk food during times of stress, it’s more beneficial to incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy items into your diet. There are many resources available for even inexperienced cooks, through printed cookbooks, online recipes, or online video tutorials. A healthy diet can help maintain blood pressure, decrease bone loss, improve skin and eye clarity, protect against infections, and as the Gateway Foundation notes, can even help with addiction recovery.

If you don’t have time to cook, consider prepping healthy meals ahead of time during the weekend, or cooking large batches of meals to eat as leftovers. You can also purchase quick and easy meals like pre-made saladssoups and sandwiches from most supermarkets and via online services.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital to not only your health, but your overall well-being as a person. Per Health, studies indicate that sleep improves memory, reduces inflammation, enhances creativity and improves academic grades. It’s important to make enough time to get the necessary amount of sleep, or you may face increased stress levels, lack of productivity and an increased chance of getting sick.


Meditation comes with a host of benefits during times of extreme stress, including increased clarity and concentration, better self-awareness, a decrease in aging, and an increase in overall happiness. There are a variety of articles, videos, and even mobile apps to help you get started on your meditation journey. Meditation can also be done from almost anywhere, including your home, outside, or even when you’re taking a break from work. 

Going through big changes in life is tough for everyone, but with these self-care tips, you can easily destress your life and improve your overall health, happiness, and well-being. Whether you’re starting a new job, facing family changes, or going through an addiction recovery program, it’s important to incorporate the practice of self-care so you can become a better, happier version of yourself.


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