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Ruesri Dat Ton

Traditional Thai

Ruesri Dat Ton
Traditional Thai Self-Care

Thai Yoga Massage Training

Thai Hermit’s Yoga

Deepen your understanding

restore the mind, body, and spirit.


For many centuries,
Thai people have practiced a set of physical breathing exercises,  
now known collectively as Ruesri Dat Ton.

Because its movements resemble Hatha yoga as popularized in the West,
some practitioners have dubbed the art “Thai yoga.” 

The benefits

of Ruesri Dat Ton

are numerous with the most predominant being the maintenance of good health in addition to bringing focus to our mind and its ability to uplift the spirit.


In Traditional Thai Medicine, it is believed that the unimpeded and balanced flow of potential through the channels is beneficial to human health. Traditional Thai self-care is designed to clear the channels which adds a lot to your overall sense of well-being.


Mastery of posture, breathing, vital power, self-awareness, and relaxation are critical to success in all sorts of practices.
Ruesri Dat Ton can help you realize all of these objectives if done correctly.


Unlike Thai Massage, which requires the help of a Thai Massage practitioner, the healing postures of Ruesri Dat Ton are intended to be performed alone.
Once you learn the basics, you can create your own routines.

Body, Mind, Spirit
Ideally, there is no separation between these aspects of our being. 
Total wellness relies on balancing these spheres.

In conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, Ruesri Dat Ton practice can help keep you physically, emotionally, and mentally balanced.
Ruesri Dat Ton and Meditation is extremely helpful in gaining mastery over one’s body, vital energy, and mind. 


Ruesri Dat Ton, develops breath control Harmonizes flow of vital energy (“Prana”) Ruesri Dat Ton practice develops the ability to relax the body, 


Ruesri Dat Ton stills the mind, Purifies, and energizes one’s self. Ruesri Dat Ton is ideal for meditators, mystics, and yogis but anybody can improve themself. 


Regular Ruesri Dat Ton practice for meditation: Develops poise, calmness and balance Increases self-awareness 

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