Partner Program

Expand your practice

Learn Thai Massage with Reinhold

Expand your practice
Learn Thai Massage with Reinhold

Partner Program

There are three parts to learning how to do Thai Massage.

1. Watching. 2. Receiving. 3. Giving.

This program emphasizes watching and receiving while making sure you are connected with someone with whom you can do the giving.

1. Watching

Thai Massage were passed down from one person to another for over 2,500 years. Here is your opportunity to become part of the living legacy.
First, we will assess you and your partner and from there create a mini-sequence that addresses the goals of your partner. While you watch me work on your partner, you can take a few pictures* here and there (not too many that you miss the essence) so that you can have a framework to refer to on another day when you meet up with your partner to practice.


We use my iPhone for the camera.

< we want to have the ability to use the images to share with other students

< to edit the batch to make it as useful as possible
< to use the Apple “Live Photo” feature when sharing on Instagram.

2. Receiving

It’s fun to look at pictures of Thai Massage in a book, even more, interesting to see people doing it on social media. Here is your opportunity to experience the moves which are selected because they are the most relevant to your specific condition. You can know them first-hand from an experienced practitioner. All of the moves related to Thai massage feel great even if you don’t have a problem, but you will find them to be more useful when you really need them. You will not have to try and remember anything either, because your partner will be taking pictures of it during the process.

3. Practicing

After the lesson, you can arrange a time with your partner to have a Thai Massage exchange. I will make sure that you have enough pictures to use for your practice session by setting up an iCloud photo share using the images that were made during your session and possibly photos from other sessions as well.

4. Join our team

After you practice and study Thai Massage enough to complete a proficiency test you are certified to join our team. We will make a bio page for you on this website and you will maintain your availability and accept appointments using the online booking system. We are currently looking for new team members who can work during evening hours. If you already have developed your Thai massage skills and knowledge, please reach out using the form below so we can set up an interview and get started.

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