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The “original” Thai massage lesson

One to One
The “original” Thai massage lesson…

Individual Thai Massage Lessons

Since its founding, Thai massage traditions have been passed down via oral tradition.

Become a part of the fabric that has been woven through hundreds of years!

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Thai Massage is a vast collection of integrated Thai healing practices, techniques, and methods spanning centuries of development across Thailand with somewhat contrasting types of implementations. 
Thai Massage is a vibrant and continuously developing Thai healing melting pot. 


Although there are aspects of the Thai medicine system that might remind one of Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, it is best to put brackets around what we may have already learned about these systems to avoid confusion and recognize that such similarities exist because these systems share the same roots.


Learning a sequence is an efficient and effective approach for getting started with your practice.
There are thousands of “special” moves that one might do. Narrowing it down to 108 of them which address an array of common problems that people typically present is a good idea for beginners. Just like learning the alphabet, we put the letters into a specific order to remember them, and your teachers can tell you which ones you have left out. Having a massage sequence is an excellent way to organize your time into an impressive flow for clients, and this often helps us find things that our clients didn’t even realize they needed help with.