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Add depth to your practice.

Thai Massage Clinic at CATA

Get Experienced
Add depth to your practice.

Thai Massage practice sessions at Center for the Advancement of Therapeutic Arts

offer a valuable opportunity for supervised practice with the benefit of also receiving the work, providing a fully proprioceptive understanding of the various techniques. 

1. Planning

Each session begins with a chat about specific issues that are affecting the participants who are attending the program. Participants may also choose to share a condition that someone that they want to treat is suffering from rather than bringing in something that is affecting them personally.
The leader decides which participants to pair up with each other based on the conditions involved. The goal is to create a sequence that addresses the health care goals of all of the people who are receiving the work in the first interval.

2. Creating

Everyone who is giving the Thai massage in the first interval watches and listens to the leader and we all do the sequence in unison. The leader narrates while rendering the treatment to one of the participants, explaining the intentions and the objectives involved.
After the first interval is over the participants trade places with their partners and the process is repeated. Doing the session in unison creates an opportunity for the leader to help the participants with body mechanics and posture as well as improving the position of the person they are working on and the way they are oriented in regard to the receiver.

3. Consulting

After each interval, time is set aside to give and receive feedback so that there is a more complete understanding of the process. Students are also encouraged to exchange contact information and make plans to meet up in between clinic sessions to practice what they have learned again and again. We believe that this kind of networking is important for support and growth in your Thai Massage practice.


When practitioners master one aspect of their work, they free their minds to think about another aspect.

Supervised hands-on time

These sessions offer a valuable opportunity for supervised practice with the benefit of also receiving the work, providing a fully proprioceptive understanding of the various techniques.  

Deepen your practice

You can develop new connections between the moves you have learned and which conditions they can be used to solve. Discover better ways of transitioning each move to the next one, providing a more seamless experience for your clients.

Learn better ergonomics

The leader will also make recommendations for improving posture and body mechanics which will help save your hands and your back and make it possible for you to extend your massage career. 


Each clinic is guided by a leader who will include as many ways to address the concerns which have been brought to the clinic as possible during the time frame. These sessions will help you develop customized sequences for your clients and prioritize the techniques that you include in your private sessions, making you a more potent therapist and increasing the demand for your services.


How much help is it when someone says, “That was amazing!”? It is not always be possible to procure useful feedback from our clients. Clients don’t want to discourage us in any way when there was something they enjoyed during the process. What if a client says “that hurts!”? Hard to know what could have been better about it. Thai Massage practitioners are likely to give the kind of helpful comments that you can use. 

Thai Massage is:

The act of loving kindness. 
Maitrī (Sanskrit; Pali: mettā) means benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, goodwill, and active interest in others. It is the first of the four sublime states (Brahmaviharas) and one of the ten pāramīs of the Theravāda school of Buddhism.
“may you be happy”
“may you be free from suffering”


Complete 6 clinic sessions and receive 12 credit hours NCBTMB approved.

One session
  • 1x giving
  • 1x receiving
  •  support
  • feedback
  • Experience
6 pack
  • 6 x giving
  • 6 x receiving
  • support
  • feedback
  • 12 NCBTMB CEUs