CATA Thai Massage Immersion Program

Are you someone who intends to specialize in Thai Massage?

Thai Massage instruction is available in Chelsea USA.

Immerse yourself.

Are you someone who has already studied Thai Massage elsewhere and would like to broaden your experiences to attain Mastery?*
Are you someone who just can’t get enough Thai Massage done to them?
Our Thai Massage Immersion program is for you. We start by putting theory into practice and finish by relating to each other our personal discoveries. In between, there is a whole lot of Thai Massage going on here at cata.

Program Benefits:

Our mission is to provide all of the following:
• affordable Thai Massage classes and clinical experience
• CE certificates for your Professional license renewals
• Valuable, hands-on, guided experience
• A venue for exchange with others who practice Thai Massage

Program Components:

CORE Thai Program – 92 CEs
Thai 101
16 CEs + 12 Practicum hours
Dojo I
20 CEs + 12 Practicum hours
Dojo II
20 CEs + 12 Practicum hours

Full Thai Program 108 CEs (CORE 92 CEs + FULL 16 CEs)
Sen Series 16 CEs (no Practicum)
Sen – Sumana – Nantakawat – Kitcha (4 CEs)
Sen – Kalathari (4 CEs)
Sen – Itta Pingala (4 CEs)
Sen – Lawusang/Ulanga – Sahatarangsi/Tawari (4 CEs)

Master Classes 48 CEs
Short Route to the Twist – 4 CEs
Thai Massage Moves That Massage Therapists
LOVE to Have Done To Them – 6CEs
Thai Massage For the Chair – 6 CEs
Table Thai – 16 CEs
Thai Massage for Your Prenatal Clients – 6 CEs
Full Body For the Hands 4 CEs
Luk Pra Kob (Thai Herbal Compress Therapy) – 6CEs

Immersion/Specialty Certificate Program 156 CEs
Full Program + Master Classes + Specialty Exam + Thai Trip

Apprentice Program

Apprentice Program
60* hours training
24 Clinic hours
36 Elective hours
1 Prerequisite class (below)
1. Thai 101 (16 CEs)
2. Dojo I & II (40 CEs)
3. 24 Clinic hours
– 90 min. practical hands-on exam
*Up to 36 hours credit for previous documented training
Immersion Program/Specialty Certificate
-Immersion Program 156 CEs
-90 Elective hours from other teachers
-Thailand Cultural Trip

A. 1 week (minimum)
B. Combination training and cultural immersion
-Thai Specialty Exam

Immersion Program Fine Print:

**You can start any time. Sit down with your yearly planner and refer to the course list.
*Package prices are based on a renewed commitment to the program. Immersion participants increase savings by choosing how many events*** will suit their needs.
• participants must be Licensed Massage Therapists to receive the certificates.• participants must complete the outline: for the Basic Apprenticeship Program at the top of this page.
• participants may transfer Study Credits from other recognized programs throughout the world.
• payment plans are available.
Can you think of more fine print? We consider all recommendations.
Full Price =$5,898
refer to the table for individual class pricing.

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