How Families Can Keep Tensions Low While Self-Isolating


How Families Can Keep Tensions Low

While Self-Isolating 

Get outside…

No matter how much we love our families, we all need time apart from them once in a while. Unfortunately, if you’re self-isolating together, time apart can seem nearly impossible. Since stress levels are already higher for many of us right now, it’s easy to wind up at your loved one’s throats if you don’t work to reduce some of that tension. Here’s a look at a few tools families can use to keep the peace while isolated at home: 

Create (and Respect) Alone Time

When everyone’s constantly together in one house, it’s hard to find time for yourself. Instead of finding it, create it. Consider scheduling in specific times of day when everyone enjoys some quiet, individual activities such as reading, art, or listening to music over headphones. You can also practice self-care by trying Ruesri Dat Ton, a Thai method that focuses on breathing and stretching exercises. ThaiMassage-NYC can teach you how to do this correctly. 

If scheduling downtime wouldn’t work for your family, you can try establishing “Do Not Disturb” rules and signals around the house. For example, you can give everyone a door hanger they can use to indicate when they’d like to be alone. This is especially useful for families that are isolated while managing remote work or school since it can also be used to establish work-time boundaries.

Connect Virtually

Another issue with self-isolating with your family is that it’s easy to get frustrated when you only see the same people every day. Psych Central notes that it’s important to find ways to connect with non-household friends and family members, now more than ever. Thankfully, our digital world allows us to meet up with people in a variety of virtual mediums. 

Video chats are the go-to virtual meetup, but you might be getting bored of the usual conversations. Mix it up with one of these video-chat-friendly party games. You can also look into multiplayer online video games. Whether you’re using VR, playing competitively, or trying out an online co-op game, these are fun and innovative ways to connect with people outside of your household. However, you need powerful service from your internet – otherwise, you might wind up frustrated by lag or poor connection.

Get Outside

Self-isolating doesn’t mean you have to be trapped in the house, you just have to be mindful about what kind of going out you do. Although you should avoid crowded places, socially distant outdoor activities are just fine – and extremely important. Medical Daily explains that we need sunlight, fresh air, and exercise to stay physically and mentally well. Don’t succumb to cabin fever! 

Walking, biking and hiking are just a few of the outdoor activities you can try – alone or as a family – to boost your mood. Try to get at least thirty minutes of active outside time every day. This will help you feel more energized and less cooped up inside. 

Maintain Healthy, Positive Relationships

Finally, focus on keeping an open, respectful dialogue at all times in order to foster healthy communication and keep relationships with your loved ones positive. Blaming or criticizing others can result in too much negativity, and can actually make the home a less-than-ideal environment to live in. You can benefit from cleaning up those negative vibes by first getting the home clean and cleansed (sage is useful for this). Then, practice communicating in a gentler manner, while avoiding anger or loudness.

Isolating at home can be a challenge for a family, but tackling it together will help. Prioritize alone time, get outdoors, and stay connected with those in and outside of your household. This will ensure that you get through this time stronger than ever!

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