Thai Massage Intro -68 Myths C

Banishing myths:

Chapter One is a concise overview of where the practice comes from and the history of Thai medicine.

#9.  Thai Massage is a magical sequence that only works if done in the right order, as taught by the most authentic teacher.

It may seem like magic when an experienced Thai Massage practitioner applies the method. However, the most helpful and best sequence is one that is tailored to the recipient. The process of learning this may start with a memorized, cookie-cutter sequence, but as you gain more experience and continue to study and practice, you will get there, too. 

#10.  If Thai Massage is practiced on a massage table, it is not authentic

Although the use of a massage table is a recent apparition in the practice, the setting is not what determines if your practice is authentic. If it “works,” it’s authentic.

#11.  The right way to do Thai Massage is to start with the feet and use no oil.

The right way to do Thai Massage is superficial to deep and with the pure intention to benefit the one we touch. You can start anywhere, use anything as an aid, and be effective as long as you’ve got these things straight.