Thai Massage Intro -06 Myths A

“Banishing myths A”

Let’s banish a few more myths that frequently get in the way of understanding the modality.

Banish these myths now!

Don’t fall for it.

#1. Thai Massage is a product of Yoga

Thai Massage and Yoga may share similarities, but it is important to clarify that Thai Massage is not a product of Yoga. Both practices have ancient roots, but they are not dependent on each other for their existence. Thai Massage and Yoga are separate modalities that have their own unique techniques and principles. While there may be some overlap in terms of body movements and stretches, it is essential to understand that Thai Massage and Yoga are distinct practices with their own histories and philosophies.

#2. Thai Massage was invented thousands of years ago by the Buddha’s Doctor

Thai Massage, often associated with the Buddha’s Doctor, is a modality that has been shrouded in myths. However, it is important to clarify that the Father Doctor Shivagakomarpaj, who is considered the “patron saint” of Buddhist medicine, did not invent Thai Massage. Contrary to popular belief, he never traveled to Thailand and was likely not even a bodyworker. It is essential to separate fact from fiction in order to truly understand the origins of this ancient healing practice.

#3. A “TRUE” Thai Massage consists of a sequence that is unchanged since the beginning.

The idea that a “TRUE” Thai Massage follows an unchanged sequence since its inception is a common misconception. The original Thai massage was likely a unique treatment performed by a Ruesri in a Buddhist temple. While the sequence of movements is important for efficiency and aesthetic purposes, it is not a rigid and unchanging structure.