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Lotus Palm was founded in 1995, by Kam Thye Chow. In North America, the school was an innovation, being the first of its kind to specialize in Thai Yoga Massage. Lotus Palm, since its beginnings, has embraced growth and evolution. In response to the increased interest and the growing numbers of students, the school refined its therapeutic program, styles and levels of teaching. This lead to the development of a full formation with six levels of Thai Yoga Massage and the integration of Ayurveda and Sen.
Lotus Palm also developed many sub-courses, with the intention of diversifying the practice and broadening its accessibility. These adapted forms include; Table Thai Yoga Massage levels 1 and 2, chair massage, prenatal massage and styles aimed at targeting the physical needs of the elderly.
With the growing popularity of Thai Yoga Massage and the school’s developing international reputation, Lotus Palm responded by building programs and partnerships that enable their teachers to travel abroad through their On the Road program. Although Lotus Palm retains its roots in Montreal, it has broadened its approach by regularly offering courses in the US, the Caribbean and responds dynamically to invitations.
2011 Sukha Wong, one of the senior instructors and Kam Thye Chow’s understudy became the owner of Lotus Palm and quickly began expanding within her personal vision. This includes a variety of new of programs; with the aim of enriching the learning opportunities within the school. This was accomplished through additional courses, such as Lomi Lomi, Ashiatsu, Thai Reflexology, Thai Head Massage, among others.
Lotus Palm is committed to the cultivation of its programming, spreading the love of its vocation and the continued propagation of its therapeutic techniques. The school is devoted to continuing its teachings and for this reason it is under constant development, both in the services it offers and the expansion of its courses.

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The Lotus Palm Method, devised by Kam Thye Chow, has gained popularity worldwide as a holistic approach to wellness and healing. People from all corners of the globe are drawn to this unique method, eager to learn and practice its techniques. In North America, individuals enroll in workshops and training programs offered by certified instructors to deepen their understanding of the method. In Europe, dedicated practitioners organize retreats and seminars, providing an immersive learning experience. In Asia, where the Lotus Palm Method originated, students have the opportunity to study directly with Kam Thye Chow himself, attending intensive training sessions. Online platforms and digital resources have also made it possible for individuals from any location to access instructional videos, e-books, and virtual classes, ensuring that the Lotus Palm Method reaches a global audience. With its emphasis on mindfulness, energy flow, and therapeutic touch, the Lotus Palm Method continues to attract people from diverse backgrounds, united in their pursuit of well-being and personal growth.

Thai Yoga Massage: A Dynamic Therapy for Physical Well-Being and Spiritual Energy

In this paperback edition of Thai Yoga Massage, Kam Thye Chow not only leads readers through every aspect of this ancient bodywork therapy using more than 125 detailed, step-by-step photographs, but he also demonstrates the techniques for performing a one-hour massage in the accompanying DVD. Kam Thye Chow is one of the world’s foremost practitioners and has taught massage in Thailand and throughout Europe and North America. With this text and DVD set, his personal training is now available for those who wish to see the techniques demonstrated live as a complement to the points discussed in the text.

Thai Yoga Massage: A Dynamic Therapy for Physical Well-Being and Spiritual Energy

by Kam Thye Chow (Author) ISBN 1844096556

Contact Yoga: The Seven Points of Connection & Relationship

Contact Yoga presents an inspiring new vision of yoga created to deepen your relationships with lovers, friends, family and other intimates in your life. Contact Yoga explores that mysterious and dynamic edge where two people connect: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Tara Lynda Guber and Anodea Judith offer valuable insight into the dynamics of all loving relationships, using poses designed for two participants that bridge the “Seven Points of Contact.” Contact Yoga brings these seven points (trust, passion, commitment, love, communication, vision, and union) into focus as points on the body, training patterns of connecting and distancing, loving and protecting, giving and receiving to be revealed at their deepest levels. Contact Yoga will appeal to all who seek depth and fulfillment in their relationships. Contact Yoga also features over one hundred striking tri-tone photographs by award-winning photographer, filmmaker, and director Norman Seeff. His vivid images capture candid portraits of renowned yoga teachers such as Patricia Walden, Anna Forest, and Shiva Rae, as well as celebrities in dynamic yoga poses including Cheryl Tiegs, Carrie Otis, Daphne Zuniga, Catherine Oxenberg, Linda Grey, Elizabeth Berkley, Harry Hamlin, and Lisa Rinna.

Contact Yoga: The Seven Points of Connection & Relationship
by Tara Lynda Guber  (Author), Norman Seeff (Photographer)
ISBN-10 1608870766

 is a practice that delves into the intricate realm where two individuals come together, exploring the multifaceted dimensions of their connection. Contact Yoga seeks to unravel this bond’s enigmatic and ever-changing nature through physical, emotional, and spiritual engagement. It delves into the depths of physical touch, allowing practitioners to explore the intricacies of their bodies intertwining, creating a dance of movement and energy. Emotionally, Contact Yoga invites participants to open themselves up, fostering vulnerability and trust as they navigate the uncharted territory of shared experiences. On a spiritual level, this practice delves into the realm of energy and consciousness, encouraging individuals to tap into a deeper sense of connection and unity. Contact Yoga offers a profound exploration of the mysterious and dynamic edge where two people connect, providing a platform for growth, self-discovery, and transformation.