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Asokananda (Harald Brust), a native German, was arguably the leading Western teacher of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. He researched and taught Thai massage, yoga and Vipassana meditation for more than 15 years. He personally trained and authorized some of the most established teachers of Thai massage in the West, including Chow Kam Thye from Montreal/Canada. 

The Art of Traditional Thai Massage

His book The Art of Traditional Thai Massage, published in Bangkok in 1990, is internationally known and respected and was the first publication ever in any language other than Thai.  This book is an excellent introduction to Thai massage, East meets West in methodical thinking and presentation.
Asokananda studied community development in Germany. Since 1978 he spent most of his time in Asia. He studied Vipassana meditation with Sayadaw U Janaka in Burma, yoga with Yogavacara Rahula in Sri Lanka and Thai massage with Pichet Boonthumme and Chaiyuth Priyasith in Thailand.

The Art of Traditional Thai Massage
ISBN-10: 9742105081
ISBN 13: 9789742105082
Publisher: Editions Duang Kamol, 1990
by Asokananda  (Harald Brust)

Thai Traditional Massage for Advanced Practitioners

The companion book, Part II (Thai Traditional Massage for Advanced Practitioners) includes clear instructions and excellent BW photographs of various techniques, including many Hollywood Moves that practitioners have often used in their marketing ever since.  
He was temporarily ordained as a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka. Asokananda passed away on the 24th of June 2005 after a sudden illness.

Thai Traditional Massage for Advanced Practitioners
ISBN 10: 9742431051  ISBN 13: 9789742431051
Publisher: Editions Duang Kamol, 1996
by Asokananda  (Harald Brust)

ASOKANANDA (Harald Brust) 1955-2005:

Asokananda was born in 1955 in Donzdorf, Germany.

 In the 80s, he began traveling to Asia to study and practice yoga, and meditation. In Thailand, after a long meditation study in Burma, he discovered Thai massage. He then decided to search for a teacher or school where he could learn this healing art. His search brought him to the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, which it was then functioning exclusively as an herbal and massage clinic. 

One day, and sat captivated as he watched the resident staff practitioners Pichest Boonthumme and Chaiyuth Priyasith work with the locals. After they had finished their work, he approached them about learning their methods. 

Asokananda’s study at the Old Medicine Hospital continued for several years before he began practicing and teaching. 

His books (in English, German, and French) were the first publications ever printed for the practice of Thai massage in any language other than Thai. These books, as well as his Sen diagrams, are influential works and essential reading for any serious Thai medicine practitioner. 

The Sunshine Network

founded by ASOKANANDA, promotes the
teaching and training of:

Classes are given in the Lahu village in Thailand and many other locations around the world. A variety of books are available.
The SUNSHINE NETWORK is an attempt to provide facilities for spiritual practice, combining the teaching and practice of Thai massage, Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, and meditation. It is not an organization but a loosely connected network of friends of Asokananda. The associated facilities differ considerably from place to place. At present, the network has partners in New Zealand, Thailand, India, Austria, Croatia, England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Switzerland.
Asokananda dedicated most of his life to practicing and teaching Thai Massage.
The Sunshine Network would like to say that we feel the work and the dedication that Asokananda devoted to Thai Massage will be carried on in his spirit and in his memory by all his students and by all the teachers he has trained. Laurino and Andrea will be helping the Sunshine Network to ensure that the continuation of Asokananda’s work will be carried out according to his teachings and his spirit.

Further efforts by Asokananda include the Sunshine Network, a group of students and practitioners worldwide devoted to practicing Thai massage using these methods. Asokananda also established a research and training school in a Lahu tribal village, about one hour north of Chiang Mai, where students worldwide continue to study with his senior students.