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Are you curious about Buddhism but find yourself met with scholarly texts or high-minded moralizing every time you try to pick up a book about it? An engaging, accessible introduction to Buddhism for those who are looking to explore a new spiritual tradition or understand the roots of their mindfulness practice

Buddhish: A Guide to the 20 Most Important Buddhist Ideas for the Curious and Skeptical, ISBN-10 9780807064566)
by C. Pierce Salguero  (Author).

☸️ Interdisciplinary medical humanities scholar. Author, researcher, teacher, and critic of Buddhism & Asian medicine. See more information at
📔 Editor in Chief, Asian Medicine: Journal of the International Assoc. for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine
🎓 Associate Professor of Asian History & Religious Studies, Program Chair for Interdisciplinary Studies
🏛 The Abington College of Pennsylvania State University, 1600 Woodland Rd., Abington, PA 19001


On the first read, I wished that Pierce had written this book 15 years ago. It might have saved me a lot of problems in finding my authenticity as an American who chose a spirit-based bodywork modality. It’s a great place to start for anyone who wants to dig deeper into Thai Massage.

The Spiritual Healing of Traditional Thailand

Historically, Buddhism has emphasized personal liberation through compassion and wisdom, while eschewing dogmatism, fanaticism, and violence. This tradition runs deep in the veins of Thailand; any discussion of Thai spirituality must begin here.
In this book, I wish to introduce the reader to a wide gamut of Thai spiritual life, from Buddhist meditation to beliefs in spirits, to magical tattoos, and more. This book is intended, however, to be much more than just a review of a few techniques. In the process, I hope to spark an interest in you to want to read more and perhaps even experience some of these practices for yourself. 
Illustrated throughout with attractive photography and diagrams, this book provides an overview of the spiritual practices of Thailand, with particular emphasis on healing rituals and meditations that can be practiced in the modern West.

The Spiritual Healing of Traditional Thailand
ISBN-10 1844090728

The Spiritual Healing of Traditional Thailand:

This book is another excellent place to start learning about Buddhism or add to what you already know. 

Pierce is one of the more critical figures on the topic today since he had already discovered Buddhist medicine at the Old Medicine Hospital when only a handful of Americans knew about Thai Massage. His interest in Buddhist medicine was born from his love of Thai Massage and grew into a full-time study of Asian medicine in general.

Another reason I would recommend reading his work because he has always been available for live teaching at the annual meetings in South Jersey hosted by — Rose Griscom, Director, Institute of Thai Massage. This program has recently been handed down to a new director who is quite resourceful, experienced and knowledgeable teacher. Stay in the loop for more information about the next gathering of Thai Massage teachers and practitioners. 

Pierce is a gifted teacher. What you can learn from reading his books can only be surpassed by interacting with him in his live seminars.