Session Duration


Session Duration

Consider these options

Your therapist will take an inventory of your individual condition and devise a plan to address your objectives.

Arrive early enough to fill out the health history questionnaire before your session time begins.

“Intro” $135

A one-hour treatment is also a good option for “first-timers” who wish to satisfy their curiosity about the form of bodywork. If you are a small person and you just want to enjoy the benefits of man overall wellness treatment, this might be the best choice for you every time. Choose 60 minutes if do not have a specific problem area of the body that you wish to have addressed but you just like to have a Thai Massage as often as possible.
I always prefer to have a longer appointment whenever I get a Thai Massage, but the hardest part is getting in the door. 

“Basic” $168

75 minutes is a good choice for clients who are small and in great shape. When I say, “In great shape” I DO NOT mean slim and slender. I mean, a body that is not suffering from stiffness or restriction of movement. Possibly, you were considering the description of the 1-hour treatment but you happen to be a medium-sized person.
Just 15 min. added to the “Intro” option makes a lot of difference in a Thai Massage experience.

Incredible benefits

restore the mind, body, and spirit.

“Therapeutic” $201

In Thailand, 90 minutes is the typical duration for massage treatments.
If you have specific issues that you would like to have addressed by therapeutic massage during your session, 90 minutes is always a good choice because this will give us enough time to complete a full-body sequence AND give additional specific attention to your chief complaint.
If you don’t have specific
issues which need to be addressed but are rather large, book 90 minutes to make sure we have time to cover all of the real estate.
If you are elderly, book 90 minutes to make sure we can move slowly through the sequence and not have to leave anything out because of it.


The benefits of Thai Massage are numerous

the most predominant being the maintenance of good health and its ability to treat a wide spectrum of physical concerns in addition to its ability to calm the mind and elevate your mood.

“Thorough” $267

I used to call this option “The Whole Thing” but now I find that I can no longer complete everything inside of 120 minutes unless my client is quite small or already very well experienced with this kind of bodywork. Do your body a favor, give us the time we need to work out the trouble spots. 

“More Thorough” $396

Thai Massage actually goes by surprisingly fast. Consider adding on another hour just to make sure you don’t miss the chance to be more thorough. In Thailand, it is not uncommon to get 3 hours of massage. Not too many places on earth are further from Chiang Mai than NYC and the two could hardly be more different. Find out how “far away” from NYC you can get inside of 180 min. without ever leaving the massage studio.

“The Whole Thing” $528

Take a day” and spend it on yourself. Four hours will give us enough time to thoroughly go over everything and then go back to the areas that are particularly troublesome and do some more to treat them.
Four-hour time-slots come with a complimentary Herbal Compress, deep heat application, Tok Sen, and Cupping therapies.


If you are already in the area and you don’t have much time.
The 30 and 45-minute sessions are not available for advance booking.

30 min. $68

A proper Thai Massage including face-up, face-down, side-lying, seated, and inverted takes 90 minutes or more, but that does not mean that we can’t realize some good benefits within small amounts of time. 

45 min. $99

Sometimes we want to have a small sample before we commit larger amounts of time and money. Sessions lasting less than 1 hour are not available for advance booking, but you can call or text on the day you want to try us out, and we will try to squeeze you in.

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