In the context of Traditional Thai Massage

Thai hermit's yoga
Thai people have practiced a set of physical breathing exercises, now known collectively as Ruesri Dat Ton.


A master of Thai Yoga,

called a Ruesri or rishi was traditionally the same as an ascetic, hermit, seer, etc., who practiced meditation and developed all of the powers on the path to spiritual realization such as herbology, astrology, numerology, geomancy, and mathematics. Ruesi was originally the term for a shaman or medicine man who lives apart from society and spends his time meditating or creating medicines. The culture of the Ruesi dates back to a time before Buddhism. Another translation for the word Ruesri would be “Seer.” Toward this goal, Nak Prot means a Ruesi who keeps his vows of renunciation and “Sila” with great perseverance, never allowing himself to slip in his promise to keep the vows of purity. So a Ruesri would ideally never not be in a mindful state whether the activity is doing work, washing their selves, cleaning the floor, etc.

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Thai massage has become increasingly popular over the years. Spas in New York and other parts of the world offer this treatment because of the countless benefits it brings.
But where does Thai massage really come from? In this article, we will trace back the roots of this ancient healing art.

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Unknown to many,

Thailand has its own version of yoga-like stretches known as Ruesri Dat Ton or “hermit’s self-stretching.” These exercises are similar to Hatha Yoga, and a link between the two is obvious. They are a product of our observations regarding how the Ruesri move.
Many schools in the country still teach this little-known gem of Traditional Thai Medicine even though many locals are unfamiliar with it.

Some have suggested

that Thai massage originated in individual yoga practice such as Ruesri Dat Ton and Hatha Yoga. 

Ruesi Dat Ton

is an aspect of traditional spiritual healing art and culture. It consists of breathing exercises, self-stretches, self-massage, acupressure, dynamic movements, and meditation. Reusi Datton is a method for treating oneself and maintaining one’s own physical and mental health.

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