How we do Thai Massage


How we do Thai Massage

Learn how to position the receiver.

I initially learned how to position the receiver by studying teachers who had learned from their teachers all of the classic moves in a sequence. I continued to add to these whenever I was fortunate enough to visit a practitioner who used additional techniques that were new to me. The best learning experiences included techniques that helped resolve issues within myself, especially those of which I was not even aware I had until after they were erased by the bodywork. From there I studied Yoga, which helped me understand the connections between the positions and what they can address.
In many cases, specific positioning also exposes easier access to the structures that need therapy the most. Ease of access is critical when addressing deeper layers and levels. The more we struggle to get in, the more difficult it can be for the recipient to yield to it.

Learn how to position yourself.

I began to learn proper body mechanics kind of late in life, but better late than never. In massage school, the teachers always helped us see ways to improve our posture and ergonomics. In Thailand, one of the schools that I attended offered Tai Chi practice together every day before class. When I came back to New York I eventually found a Tai’ Chi teacher and studied it for 4 years. Once I began to take these lessons seriously and plug them into how I moved during a Thai Massage session, I noticed a more significant impact on the receiver while reducing the stress on myself.

If your work is difficult, this means that you are not seeing something about the first two considerations 

It takes minimal effort to have a profound effect if you are in proper contact with the person you are working with. Use your body weight rather than muscle power.  Wait for your intended development to take place. Pay attention to changes and react to what you find out.


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