Does Thai Massage Improve Flexibility?


Does Thai Massage Improve Flexibility?


The physical and mental health benefits of Thai massage are universally recognized and people from all parts of the world have been reaping the benefits of a good Thai massage session for many years. 

Thai massage is an ancient healing practice that involves more active participation on the receiver’s part compared to classic Western massage techniques.  Integrating the yogic principles, poses, and stretching elements, Thai massage is like having yoga done for you. With the care and guidance of your therapist, every limb will be moved passively through all of the advantageous yoga-like positions.

Your practitioner will also use gentle or firm pressures and stretches for deep muscle compression and joint mobilization. So if you’re wondering if this type of massage can improve flexibility, the short answer is YES.

In this article, we will not only share how Thai massage can make you more flexible but also cover other health benefits backed by science.

Thai Massage for Better Flexibility

Do you want to improve your range of motion and flexibility? Thai massage can help you move more easily and even improve your athletic performance.

In a 2015 study, 34 soccer players participated in an experiment to identify the effects of Thai massage on athletic performance. It was found that after receiving a Thai massage three times within a 10-day period, the participants showed notable improvement in their ability to perform sit-and-reach exercises.

According to the researchers, the increase in flexibility is because Thai massage improves blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles. This is also why it is effective for pain relief and decreasing muscle adhesions. 

Additionally, it was found that the Thai massage sessions improved the soccer players’ speed and agility.

Thai Massage for Back Pain Relief

Aside from improving flexibility, Thai massage may also be an effective, non-pharmaceutical way of easing back pain.

Research has been conducted in Thailand to study the impacts of Thai massage by conducting an experiment on a group of 120 people experiencing nonspecific low back pain. Half the participants received Thai massage, while the other half were treated with other conservative management techniques, including joint mobilization, the use of herbal heat applications, and manual stretching exercises on target areas. 

These two groups received treatment twice a week for 4 weeks, and both experienced significant relief from their back pain. Other studies found that Thai massage eases back pain associated with trigger points or tight muscles in the upper back.

Thai Massage for Joint Stiffness

If you are experiencing joint stiffness and pain whenever you move, Thai massage can be a solution.

A study involving a program consisting of Thai massage has been conducted to study the effects on those experiencing knee arthritis. After the 2-month program, it was found that the participants experienced reduced pain and managed to walk with greater ease. Another study involving 60 participants with osteoarthritis of the knee also found that getting Thai massage for 3 weeks delivered the same pain relief as taking Ibuprofen for 3 weeks. The less meds, the better, right?

Thai Massage to Reenergize

Thai massage’s origins are closely associated with yoga, and the practice incorporates yoga-like principles, poses, and stretches. Just like after doing yoga, people who get Thai massage also feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

A study was conducted to look into the effects of Thai massage and Swedish massage on participants who experience fatigue. After their massage session, the participants were interviewed, and it was found that they felt mentally and physically energized.

Thai Massage for Easing Anxiety

Aside from physical pain relief, another thing that makes Thai massage appealing is that it can also bring a sense of calm and relaxation.

While Thai massage involves more active participation on the part of the receiver compared to other massage techniques, it has been found to reduce anxiety and induce a feeling of well-being.

According to studies, people who get Thai massage score lower on measures of psychological stress. The brain scans of participants who received Thai massage treatments showed greater relaxation and reduced anxiety compared to those who received physical therapy treatments for the same conditions.

Best Thai Massage Practitioner in New York City

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