Does Thai Massage Burn Calories?


Does Thai Massage Burn Calories?


I know what you’re thinking– getting a Thai massage is nowhere close to being as effective in shedding the calories as doing some exercise. People love Thai massage– because they feel amazing after each session, and the benefits last for many days or even weeks. However, aside from bringing pain relief and relaxation, another good thing about Thai massage is that it actually can help you burn calories.

Thai massage does not usually elevate your heart rate as exercise does, but it might make you sweat. While there are other notable differences in each person’s experience, a 90-minute Thai massage can indeed burn 345 calories or more. It is probably more than you thought, as this is equivalent to 90 minutes of lightweight training.

This article will discuss Thai massage and the scientific explanation of how it can burn calories. It will also share some things about how getting a massage is similar to exercising.

What is Thai massage?

For those unfamiliar with Thai massage, this type of massage is an assisted yoga session involving a Thai massage practitioner manipulating parts of your body and applying pressure on specific points to restore proper flow for all of your organs, glands, and systems, bring relaxation, provide pain relief, elevate your mood and promote healing.

Unlike classic Western massages, which happen on a massage table, Thai massage is performed on a large, cozy floor mat while you’re fully clothed. Your body must be able to move around comfortably, so I recommend that you bring some loose-fitting or flexible cotton pants and a t-shirt when getting a Thai massage. 

Each Thai massage session usually lasts for about one to two hours. The Thai massage practitioner will assist you in doing the stretches and poses while you remain mindful of your breathing. Click here if the negative notion has misinformed you that Thai massage hurts. Reliable Thai massage practitioners can expertly tailor the session to your condition and meet your needs whether you like deep work or if you just want to relax and rest easy. Unlike typical Western massages such as Swedish massage, where you lie in one position, the various yoga-like positions and manipulations in Thai massage can improve your mobility, increase circulation and help with lymphatic drainage.

Because a Thai massage session involves moving around more than you would with typical massage techniques, you will also shed more calories. But don’t be mistaken – even if you have active participation in the session, Thai massage is quite relaxing and calming as it brings your mind and body into a tranquil state.

How Thai Massage Burns Calories

The body requires energy to function correctly. When you do any activity, you burn calories. In fact, even sleeping burns calories. However, the more effort you make when doing an activity, the more calories are burned. Because Thai massage involves more movement on your part and not just lying passively, you burn more calories during a Thai massage session. 

Similarities Between Exercise and Getting a Thai Massage

Exercise and Thai massage have more similarities than you might think. Some of these include:

  • Working out once or twice a month will not meet your fitness goals. Thai massage works the same way– you won’t enjoy the full benefits of pain relief, relaxation, and burning calories if you only visit the Thai massage practitioner when things go wrong. In other words, you will experience the best long-term results when you consistently get Thai massages regularly.
  • Exercise and massage can boost your metabolism. However, it is essential to note that getting Thai massages frequently is not a replacement for exercise when it comes to weight loss.

It is important to note that other factors also affect the number of calories burned while doing an activity, including your age, body composition, overall health, duration, and activity intensity.

Get a Relaxing Thai Massage

If you want to relax and ease any aches and pains that you may be experiencing while burning some calories, you should get a Thai massage.

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