Deepen your commitment.

Learn Thai Massage at CATA with Reinhold.

Here’s Our Process

There are three parts to learning how to do Thai Massage.

#1. Watching. #2. Receiving. #3. Giving.

This program emphasizes all three

Expand your practice

Are you someone who wants to expand their practice by adding Thai Massage moves to your routine? Even the established practitioners have found that our Thai Massage 101 course has helped them do just that. Even if you never plan to practice on the floor in your own space, you will still find these techniques to be infectious. Suddenly, the sense finds its way into what you have already loved doing.


Program Components
-Coursework- 60 hours minimum of Thai Massage study.
We cover everything you need to know to get your practice started within the 8-week Thai Massage 101 course and the Thai Massage Dojo Series. You have time to take notes during the demos as well so that you can remember more while you practice and receive Thai Massage.
The Thai Massage clinic is held regularly throughout the year, so you will have ample opportunities to proceed with this component of the ART, or you may choose to complete the practical component later. Our clinic is available year-round.
Documented practice- 32 hours of documented practice in the Thai Massage clinic. Participants will be awarded 32 CEUs for completing the clinical component.


60 hours in Thai Massage consist of:
• Thai Massage 101 – CATA NYC *16 CE
• Thai Massage Dojo parts I & II– CATA NYC *40 CE
*up to 44 CE may be completed elsewhere
• 16 Complete clinic experiences (Giving – Receiving) – CATA NYC *32 CE
• Thai Massage Knowledge Test
• Thai Massage Demo -90 minutes

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