Meet the folks we refer to.

Meet the folks we refer to.

You are in good hands

when you work with the people on this list.

We know them personally.

Our Crew

If you would like an introduction to anyone that you find here, please reach out to us and we’ll make it happen.

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Center for the Advancement of Therapeutic Arts
graduate-level massage training facility in the heart of Chelsea, NYC.
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Cupping NYC
Vanessa Denola LMT.
Grant yourself a respite from the outside world.
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Much Kneaded NYC
Sarah Flores LMT
Massage Therapist and Esthetician
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Carnegie Hill Massage
Niel Runyan LMT.
Massage therapy
in the heart of
the Upper East Side 
<a href="" class="ek-link"><span style="color: #c16a02;" data="#c16a02" class="qubely-text-has-color">Mulji Creative Group</span></a>
Mulji Creative Group
Amisha Mulji
A creative marketing agency devoted to holistic growth through authentic & dynamic solutions.

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Rooms for rent by the hour
When practitioners have a consistent and trustworthy space to welcome their clients into, the focus can be on maximizing the treatment experience.

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Moving Forward PT
DR. Vitaly Dvoskin DPT.
Attention to detail with individualized physical therapy programs for each patient.

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Nancy Becker LCSW.
Helping You Make A Satisfying Life!
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Andres Munoz Diazgranados LMT

…because each soul requires something different, I learn every day, through every session.
<a href="" class="ek-link"><span style="color: #9d5d05;" data="#9d5d05" class="qubely-text-has-color">Blend Therapies LLC</span></a>
Blend Therapies LLC
Pascale Solages Josephson LMT, MSEd.
A perfect blend of making you feel so much better and stronger by her massage and stretching.
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Old Medicine Hospital
Thai Massage School
This is where my Thai Massage journey began. The most important Thai massage education center for westerners.

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NYU Dental College
Dental clinic
NYU Dentistry provides quality, affordable, comprehensive care for all ages.

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Pomelo Marketing
Will Jo
Organic growth through search engine optimization.
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Lovie Acupuncture
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Lucky Marble
Colin Frasier
Developing products for the average Small-Business or Personal/Hobby user,
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Massage, Acupuncture, esthetics
A safe environment to rediscover and remember your sense of well-being.
<a href="" class="ek-link"><span style="color: #815402;" data="#815402" class="qubely-text-has-color">Sports Massage on 7th</span></a>
Sports Massage on 7th
Jeff Saxe Lmt.
Integrated Deep Tissue Therapy
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Touch Alchemy
Gregory Oed LMT.
THAI MASSAGE and THAI YOGA Pain Management
Metropolitan Baltimore, Maryland
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Tidasavanh Thai Massage
Bebe Khambay LMT.
My all-time favorite Thai Masseur.

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New York Blood Center
Blood collection
Giving blood is practically painless, takes about an hour, and can save up to three lives.