Therapeutic bodywork in a context of Traditional Thai Massage.



All services available at 850 7th Avenue. Suite #405.

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Updated: March 31, 2012

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As a professional member of the AMTA, not only do I enjoy being kept informed of any new developments in the industry ,but I have top notch liability coverage for my practice as well.





The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is the most widely adopted standard for massage therapy in the USA today.


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CATA NYC Thai Massage Clinic

demoI recently partnered with CATA NYC, providing continuing education for massage therapists. Stay tuned for more info regarding the Thai MAssage Clinic.

Updated: Oct. 5, 2014

Thailand Ministry of Public HealthHoboken


ITM and Old Medicine Hospital are approved by the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand, acknowledged by the governments of numerous counties around the world including the USA.


Thailand Ministry of EducationHoboken


ITM and Old Medicine Hospital are approved by Thailand Ministry of Education, recognized internationally by many professional colleges and associations for continuing education in the regulated health care field.


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WOW! The massage I had absolutely blew my mind!! My body feels great. I love the way that Reinhold works intuitively. He always knew how much and where to work on my body, like he was reading my mind. Reinhold is personable, friendly and highly, highly skilled in this line of work. I have frequented many Thai Massage places not only in NY, but also in LA and he is definitely worth the repeat visit. THANKS, Reinhold!!

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This is Thai Massage from a knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner: Intense stretching and compressions with a lot of benefit. more reviews

Interview by: THAIMASSEUR on DECEMBER 1, 2010

. . . read article.

This site is created for people who are interested in Thai-Massage. If you know of an interesting book or a good link that is not listed, please let them know.

If you are a practitioner of Thai Massage and would like to be listed, you can also email them.

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Old Medicine Hospital

OMHThis is where it really started!

On my first trip to Thailand, I decided to study at the birthplace of international Thai Massage training. Old Medicine Hospital has been training students for over 50 years.



ITMInternational Training Massage School in Chiang Mai Thailand is where I chose to study on my second trip to Thailand. Chongkol Setthakorn, founder of ITM, originally developed the curriculum at Old Medicine Hospital which became the standard around the world for Thai Massage instruction.


University of the State of New York

ITMThe only way to become licensed to practice Massage Therapy in the State of New York is to complete at least 1,000 hours of instruction in a qualified Massage Therapy program and then to pass the NY State Board exam.


University of the State of New Jersey

ITMThe University of the State of New Jersey: The NCTMB is the most widely adopted standard for massage therapy in the USA today. The State of New Jersey uses this standard to qualify professional candidates for licensure.


University of the State of Wisconsin

ITMI have proudly earned a BFA in my home state of Wisconsin. Visit to see pictures of what I am doing with wood.



Swedish Institute

ITMI am quite enthusiastic about my experience at Swedish Institute! The thorough and extensive manner in which the school prepares the students maintains it's impression to this day. It continues to be rare that I would complete a day of work without drawing on the knowledge that I gained in my studies at Swedish Institute.

Thai Institute of Healing Arts

ITMThe only comprehensive Thai Medical Education, Research and Treatment Center outside of Thailand.

Thai Healing Alliance International


THAI is a non-partisan network of students, therapists and teachers around the world who adhere to basic guidelines for the safe and effective practice of nuad boran (traditional Thai massage) and other Thai healing arts.

International Thai Therapists Association


ITTA has been promoting and developing programs in Thai Yoga and Thai Massage full time since 1984!

The oldest and original source for comprehensive recognitions and programs in the US.





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