$20 Voucher


$20 voucher

3). Download the voucher to your device.

thaicompressHere is the full size $20 voucher. For iPhone, 1). hold your finger on the image until you see this:save


2). Choose: Save Image.

3). Next, go to the camera roll and there it is.






4). Deliver the voucher to the recipiant

The voucher can then be sent immediately from your smartphone via txt. msg. or *you can have me deliver it to a smartphone or email it for you.

*there may be a delay of up to several hours if you need me to send it out for you, but I will get to it asap. I will send them out from my iPhone as soon as I get your payment confirmation email. You may also call me ahead of time and we can arrange all of this before you purchase.




first image second image third image fourth image fifth image sixth image seventh image eighth image
Do your body a favor.
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