Therapeutic bodywork in a context of Traditional Thai Massage.



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Updated: Feb. 1, 2013

Off-Peak Upgrade:

15 min. FREE for booking before 4pm*

upgrade$20 value

Book a session that ends before 4p on weekdays and receive an extra 15 minutes added to your treatment, free of charge. Enquire at time of booking to receive the upgrade. (Not valid with other offers)

*On-line booking required.

Updated: Jun 1, 2012

Recent Events:

CATA NYC Thai Massage Clinic

demoI recently partnered with CATA NYC, providing continuing education for massage therapists. Stay tuned for more info regarding the Thai MAssage Clinic.

Updated: Oct. 5, 2014

Thai Massage Mat

hobI love YogaZenTouch

The quality of the mat being used to render a Thai Massage session is actually more important for the giver than for the one receiving.

A yoga mat is not large enough nor thick enough for a practitioner to be comfortable on one's knees for the length of time spent during a typical Thai Massage.

The affect will be much better for the receiver if the giver is not compromised.

I have used Lotus Palm Thai Massage mats for years. Not only are they durable in the long run, they are quite comfortable for both the giver and the receiver and they do not take nearly as much space to store as well. Some of my customers have purchased these and I am enthusiastic about recommending them because of the quality and the price.

Lotus Palm

other mats

Futon mattress


idealI This is precisely the type of set-up that I intend to build in my studio some day.


another good representative.




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