Thai Massage Lessons

Therapeutic bodywork in a context of Traditional Thai Massage



Couples Massage Lessons


Thai Massage Classes

On one of these trips to Thailand, I completed a six week Teacher Certification Course. I have developed the 16 hr. Thai Massage 101 curriculum which is available regularly at CATA NYC in Chelsea.

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One to One Thai Massage Lessons

If learning in a group is not your interest, consider one-on-one instruction in my studio.


What you get:

  • I will meet you on your level of proficiency.
  • Volunteer body so you can also see a demo and take notes in addition to feeling it.
  • YOU will get time to single out some techniques tailored to your partner.
  • I will guide you to use good body mechanics
  • THAI MASSAGE manual*

*This is the same manual that I use to teach the Thai Massage 101 course.


Thai Massage lessons have been known to:

•Enhance the repertoire of techniques in your present practice.
•Further enable yourself to demonstrate love to your partner and others.
•Increase the quality of the Thai Massage which you are already doing.
•Inspire you!



If there is enough prior notice, we can schedule Thai Massage lessons during almost any time slot, nights, Early AM, weekends... I recommend we start by having a regular session together after which we discuss options about proceeding with your customized program.



To be prepared for your session:

  • Remember to bring comfortable, loose fitting clothing such as sweatpants and a T-shirt to wear during your session.
  • Please arrive early for your session, as late comers will be able to experience the balance of their time-slot only.
  • Do not eat a heavy meal immediately before your massage.
  • Do not consume alcohol directly before your session.
  • Download and print the Standard Thai Massage intake form. Fill it out prior to coming in for your session. This will allow us to begin the lesson without delay, providing more benefit.
  • Please review the cancellation policy.




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Do your body a favor.
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