Therapeutic Bodywork

Thai Massage Mat.

I love yoga.

Yoga mats are not adequate for Thai Massage

The quality of the mat being used to render a Thai Massage session is equally important for the giver and for the one receiving. A yoga mat is not large enough nor thick enough for a practitioner to be comfortable on one's knees for the length of time spent during a typical Thai Massage.

Proper Gear is easy to obtain

The affect will be much better for the receiver if the giver is not compromised.

Lotus Palm mats have been specially designed to adapt to the therapeutic discipline of Thai Massage. Over the years, experience, along with suggestions from students, has allowed them to refine these mats to the utmost efficiency.


Lotus Palm

My old set. I have used Lotus Palm Thai Massage mats for years. Not only are they durable in the long run, they are quite comfortable for both the giver and the receiver and they do not take nearly as much space to store as well. Some of my customers have purchased different versions of these and I am enthusiastic about recommending any of them because of the quality and the price.

Futon mattress

This type of futon is nice to use and if you have one of these and some couch cushions we will all be happy.

This is the ideal.

This is precisely the type of set-up that I intend to build in my studio one day. I have only had the privelege of practicing on this kind of equipment one time but I have been to many places in Thailand where they have this. I think it is the ulitmate piece of equipment for a Thai Masseur to have.


This is another good one to have.