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Intro to Thai Massage

In my opinion, Swedish Institute is the best massage school available. Swedish_Seal

I chose the school because of it's well known reputation for turning out highly qualified therapists. I attended Swedish institute in order to complete the credit hours necessary to take the New York State Board exam and obtain a license to practice massage in the state of NY. My initial intent was to focus on all that would help me succeed in reaching the goal of becoming a medical massage therapist in one of the big health clinics around the city where I looked forward to having a 9-5 job with weekends off and not be required to put much thought into my position when I was not at work.

What I did not anticipate was my discovery of Thai Massage.

In our last semester at Swedish Institute we were asked to take elective classes intended to give us exposure to other modalities within the field. In the first 5 weeks  of a 15 week semester I studied Thai Massage in a 20 hr. program designed for upper level students to learn a 1 hour Thai Massage protocol.

I will never forget the way my practice partner was working when she stretched my low back "the Thai way" for the first time.

Even though it was her first venture, the Thai method is so brilliant that it had a profound affect on me. I recognized immediately that this was just what my body needed. I had suffered from chronic low-back pain for over 20 years and had learned to accept it as something that I was just going to have to live with. After a few sessions practicing with the students in my class I noticed that the affect of the stretching techniques was lasting longer than any of the methods that we learned in our Western massage coursework. I found myself asking my teacher for advice on how I could make this the focus of my massage career. During the remaining weeks of the semester I garnered a lasting reputation among my colleagues because of the amount of time and energy that I directed towards memorizing the moves and practicing them with my classmates. I had rendered upwards of seventy 90 minute sessions before I ever made my first trip to Thailand.


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