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GBuddhaIn the times of Buddha, the most famous among the physicians was Jivaka Kuma Bhacca, (pronounced Shivaga Komarpaj in Thailand today) who was described as giving free attention to the Buddha himself and other monks and donating his own mango plantation in the city of Rajagaha, for the use of the monastic community.

The birth and the childhood that the Pali version tells, begins with Salavati, courtesan of Rajagaha, that gave birth to a son who then was given to one of her servants and placed in a basket. In the Sanskrit and Tibetan versions of this story, a promiscuous wife of a merchant in Rajagaha gave birth to a son of king Bimbisara, placed to the infant in a large chest and sent it to the king. It is told that the boy was born with a purse of the needles of acupuncture in his hand and so, he was presumed to be predestined to be a physician and royal doctor.

shivagoThe medical fame of Jivaka as a healer was extensively well-known and the stories on his life and skills can be found in almost all versions of the Buddhist writings.

In all versions, the boy was adopted by Abhaya, the King's son. According to the Pali version, the name Jivaka was given to the boy because he was alive, since the root 'jiv' is translated as 'living', and KumarBhacca, which is translated as 'nourished by a prince'.

When approaching the age in which he must look for his own sustenance, Jivaka decides to learn the medical art. Having heard of a famous doctor called Atreya that lived in the Hindu city of Taxila, recognized for its education. Jivaka traveled to Taxila to become his disciple. After seven years of study, he took an examination to prove his knowledge of medical herbs, passing it with extraordinary success. Thereafter and with the blessings of his mentor, he devoted his life to the practice of the Medicine.


The Father Doctor

logoFounder of our practice

Recognized as the father of Medicine and as source of the knowledge on the healing energies of plants, minerals and massages, the teachings of Shivago traveled to Thailand at the same time Buddhism did. This is how Shivaga Komarpaj became the central figure of the Buddhist medical system in Thailand and the guide and inspiration for all the instructors of Traditional Thai Massage.

A habit of Thai massage practitioners is to silently recite the Wai Khru to invoke the spirit of the Father Doctor.



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