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Couples Thai Massage

Sometimes the only thing better than a Thai Massage is getting two at the same time. Couples massage is a unique way to spend some quality time with someone special. Some consider it a must have for anniversaries and special occasions.


If you really have your heart set on a couples session, I am sure we can set something up if we have enough lead time. Everyone has busy schedules so same day appointments are rare. Bottom line, please plan ahead.

Maximize Benefit.

•Enhance the bond with your partner
•Increase quality time with your loved one
•Inspire closer relationships
•Relax at the same time
•Safety and comfort of being together


Pick your session length

First, decide how much time you would like to spend on your session. We have many options available for online booking. If you are in the neighborhood and you are ready to go, give us a call, we will try to make it happen. If you are interested in an in-home session, give us a call, we can arrange that.

Choose one therapist

Our booking system has it's limitations but our therapists are close friends. Choose one of the therapists, make your booking choosing "Couples". We will organize your team and get back to you with a confirmation asap.