Basic - 75 min.


75 minutes is a good choice for customers who are small and in great shape. When I say, "In great shape" I DO NOT mean slim and slender. I mean, a body that is not ridden with stiffness or restriction of movement. Possibly, you were considering a 1 hour treatment but you happen to be a medium sized person.
Just 15 min. added to the shortest option makes a difference in a Thai Massage experience.



Therapeutic - 90 min.


If you have specific issues that you would like to have addressed.




More Thorough - 150 min.


2 1/2 hours !



Longer sessions have great advantages...

The first phase of each treatment is devoted to preparing the being for that level which actually causes change to take place. In longer sessions, this initial period of time, necessary to ease into deep interactive work, becomes less and less significant proportionally to the total time we spend.