Therapeutic Bodywork

Reinhold Lmt.


Intuition, Spontaneity, Enthusiasm.

Ever since Reinhold was introduced to his own creativity back in 1990 he has pursued this passion through woodworking, painting, building guitars and playing music. However, once he discovered Thai Massage, Reinhold has found it to be the best way to express his sense of adventure, humour, spontaneity and enthusiasm.
Over the past ten years Reinhold has gone through an incredible transformation because of Thai Massage, entering the profession with a 280 lb. trucker body, not really able to squat down, let alone crawl around on a mat on the floor. From the very first treatment he had a strong sense about what makes this modality more effective than the rest.
Nowadays, due to practicing the bodywork, receiving the therapy regularly, teaching Thai Massage, practicing Tai' Chi and Qi Gong, Reinhold has slimmed down, limbered up and overcome 25 years of chronic back pain, not to mention the increased range of motion and comfort within the body that he now enjoys. 

Reinhold is available on most days.