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As a graduate of the Swedish Institute and having completed additional courses of study in Thailand, I feel extremely well equipped and excited at the prospect of working with you. Beginning in 2007, I have dedicated my massage practice to this singular modality. Unlike some other practioiners who only do Thai Massage once in awhile, Thai massage is all I do.

Licensed by the state of New York, internationally trained, Nationally Certified and member of AMTA and NCBTMB, my training and experience has well prepared me to assess your needs and tailor a protocol based on these findings. Having specialized in Thai Massage, I am prepared to perform either a faithful rendition of what you may have experienced in Thailand, or a session integrating Swedish, Medical and Shiatsu techniques. Refer to the Treatments and decide what you like.

I am sure you will agree that I will be an asset to you. I encourage you to check my calendar for available times, try my on-Line booking or call to arrange an appointment.


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It’s no wonder that Thai Massage continues to become more popular and gain recognition in the medical community in recent years. This ancient holistic therapy escorts the body and mind on a path toward a state of balance, and health. It’s like having someone do Yoga to you!

Stretching and acupressure are used on muscle as the joints are therapeutically manipulated. Gentle rhythmic movements create a dynamic conversation between the practitioner and the receiver. Thai Massage is great for low-back pain, tight shoulders and the enhancement of flexibility for athletes. Let this be your key to a pain free existence.

If you would rather experience Thai Massage in the comfort of your own home, choose the House-call service which is available in 5 Boroughs, Long Island and North Jersey.

Book an appointment today and you will experience enhanced strength and flexibility while bringing comfort to sore muscles and painful joints with this Yoga inspired massage.

My training is influenced by 5 Element Eastern Meridian theory and has Western medical awareness at it's foundation, so each session is designed to restore balance and improve health.




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Do your body a favor.
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