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CATA NYC Thai Massage Clinic

demoI recently partnered with CATA NYC, providing continuing education for massage therapists. Stay tuned for more info regarding the Thai MAssage Clinic.

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Old Medicine Hospital

OMHBirthplace of International Thai Massage Training

The Old Medicine Hospital is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chiang Mai has long ago become a center for the study and practice of traditional medicine of all types. There are perhaps more Thai massage clinics per square kilometer in Chiang Mai than anywhere else in the country. Among these, the Old Medicine Hospital has the most long-standing and prestigious reputation. It has long been one of the most prestigious traditional medicine centers in Thailand for over 50 years and was the first in Chiang Mai to open its doors to Western tourists wishing to learn Thai massage.

My first time studying in Thailand

Since Richard Gold had credited Old Medicine Hospital in his book, I wanted to make sure that I was continuing along the same spirit, so I attended Old Medicine Hospital. I am proud to be able to develop the knowledge of Thai traditional medicine and am further encouraged by the positive feedback from Thais and foreigners alike.

With professional treatment I provide a knowledgeable experience, teaching you how to protect and care for yourself and others, in a clean and safe environment, with easy understanding and training practice.

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