Off Peak Upgrade

Therapeutic bodywork in a context of Traditional Thai Massage


Off-Peak Upgrade (Monday - Friday only)


Add 15 minutes to your treatment at no extra cost.

  The most likely time of day that customers book their treatment is between 4pm and 7pm on Monday - Friday. You can usually find these time slots open only if you advance the calendar ahead to the next week or two.
  As an incentive for you to look at other times earlier in the day I have decided to offer an upgrade to a longer session length as a bonus for doing so.



    If you use my on-line booking system and arrange your weekday session ending by 3:45, I will extend your treatment by 15 minutes at no extra charge to you.
  Fifteen minutes makes a big difference, especially when added to a 1-hour session. Fifteen minutes added to the end of a treatment also deepens the Therapeutic value of your appointment. Consider this; the first segment of your session is dedicated to preparing the body for the deeper work. If you choose a 1-hour treatment about 33% of the session is preparatory work preceding the remaining 66% of the sequence that is more intense. If we increase the duration of your session to 75 minutes, the preparatory segment becomes only26% of the treatment.

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Incorporated into one of the world's oldest healing modalities, my style of Thai massage is a blend of acupressure, medical massage work, and yoga-like stretches.

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Do your body a favor.
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