Therapeutic Bodywork

House calls.

Bring Thai Massage to your home.

Travel fee:

Read the descriptions below to determine the travel fee.


Regular fee

If you live in Manhattan, the travel fee is $95 +/- added to the bodywork. If you live somewhere that requires you to take a bus and a train to get to Times Square, the appropriate fee for your location is $150.

If you have a mat that is suitable for me to render your treatment, I will reduce the outcall fee accordingly.



choose XL for out of the way places

Consider the fact that I am bringing the necessary equipment and navigating public transit to a location for my first time.

If you would be taking multiple modes of transport to get to Times Square from where you are, the travel fee is $150


Easy travel fee

If you live right next to the subway station in Manhattan AND you have your own Thai Massage mat I will do the house call for $50 plus the regular appointment time for bodywork. This is a reduced fee for those who have their own gear and are easy to get to.


Proper Gear:

If you have your own Thai Massage Mat I would be delighted to reduce the travel fee. I do not work on massage tables. Click the cheeky icon below for more information on what we need to provide the best benefit.