Therapeutic bodywork in a context of Traditional Thai Massage


Therapeutic bodywork...

. . . in the context of Traditional Thai Massage.

As a graduate of the Swedish Institute I have developed strong skills in both Western and Eastern styles of massage. My training has given me a solid knowledge base in the biosciences, and an emphasis on integration of these components into practical applications.
The study of anatomy, physiology and pathology has provided me with the foundation needed to develop confident therapeutic skills. Before my decision to specialize in Thai Massage, I studied and practiced Swedish massage and have integrated advanced Western modalities such as medical massage, sports massage, myofascial techniques and trigger point therapy. Five-Element Shiatsu provides an Eastern perspective which emphasizes the flow of Qi, or energy, through the body. Eastern and Western modalities are combined into my practice. Clinical strategies, assessment and ethics are also important skills which I have picked up from my training in Swedish Institute and become part of my professional development.
My initial goal upon beginning a career in massage therapy was to practice medical massage. I focused on Western therapeutic techniques centered on addressing specific structures in the human anatomy and what may be the cause of pain syndromes and over-use conditions. In the last semester at Swedish Institute, we were asked to choose electives. I will always remember exactly how my practice partner was stretching me when I decided that Thai Massage is the ultimate context in which to employ the best techniques from other modalities. That same day I began to make plans to study in Thailand.

Studies abroad

Chiang Mai Thailand

On my first visit to Thailand I studied at the birthplace of international Thai massage training, Old Medicine Hospital.
Since CHONGKOL (JOHN) SETTHAKORN, the man who developed the curriculum at OMH, had gone on to create an advanced studies program at his own school in Chiang Mai, I chose to study at International Training Massage School (ITM) on my next sojourn.
During a month long intensive, I learned many advanced techniques and also completed a teacher certification program at ITM.
These trips to Thailand have proven to be quite influential in my practice as a Thai Masseur.


Let's work together.

If you have any questions as to my perception on where to study to advance in your practice, please allow me to share what I have learned in my travels. If you are a fellow Thai practitioner who has an interest in an exchange, feel free to enquire in an email message about working together to extend this wonderful tradition. I periodically get requests for couples massage and would like to increase my options for practitioners to work with as well.



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