Thai Massage Lessons

Therapeutic bodywork in a context of Traditional Thai Massage


Couples Massage Lessons


Consider booking together with you and your friend and use the time to get a Thai massage LESSON.

For standard Couples Thai Massage with two Massage therapists:

What you get:

  • ANALYSIS of the specific conditions for you and your partner prior to and during the lesson.
  • YOUR PARTNER will have time to watch the kind of techniques which are applied to your condition and practice some of them.
  • YOU will get time to see techniques tailored to your partner’s situation
  • I will guide you to use good body mechanics
  • Free THAI MASSAGE 101 manual*

*This is the same manual that I use to teach the Thai Massage 101 16 hr. course.

Couples massage is known for having the following benefits:

•Enhance the bond with your partner
•Further enable yourself to express love
•Increase quality time with your loved one
•Inspire you to develop closer relationships
•Both of you relax at the same time
•The safety and comfort of being together


> Availability

If I have enough lead time, I can still offer the classic Couples Thai Massage, but these lessons are a value added option that requires the same lead time that is needed for individual sessions. It's also about half the cost.


To be prepared for your session:

  • Remember to bring comfortable, loose fitting clothing such as sweatpants and a T-shirt to wear during your session.
  • Please arrive early for your session, as late comers will be able to experience the balance of their time-slot only.
  • Do not eat a heavy meal immediately before your massage.
  • Do not consume alcohol directly before your session.
  • Download and print the Standard Thai Massage intake form. Fill it out prior to coming in for your session. This will allow us to begin the lesson without delay, providing more benefit.
  • Please review the cancellation policy.




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Do your body a favor.
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